Friday, June 4, 2010

Life without Limbs

I found myself sitting in front of the screen, watching some sports channel, when all of a sudden there was this guy with no limbs, playing football, wrestling, and being the best at everything he did. Here was a guy who had everything going against him, but he overcame every obstacle. No matter how many times he fell and failed, he continued to get back up. His life encourages me to do the same. Every word that came out of his mouth were words of encouragement, words that breathed life, words that made me want to be better.  I don't even know how to put him into words for you but I couldn't help but share his story with you.
Any of you who are feeling depressed or angry at God or feel as though there is no reason to live anymore, please, please, just watch this video. You will leave changed, just by listening to him for a few minutes. Share Nick Vujicic story with anyone and everyone. Everyone needs some encouragement and his life is definitely that!

Nick Vujicic video

SORRY I tried to embed the video but that didn't work out so well!

check out other videos as well as his website.

hope you guys enjoy him and leave just as encouraged!

<3 Lex

o0o0 P.S. Another good video I think all kids/people should see :)
with our words we can kill or give life