Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Underwater Photography [image heavy]

Alice in Wonderland Shot by Elena Kalis



Saga Sigurdardottir

sarah sitkin

Desiree Dolron

 Elena Kalis
 Ashley Autopssy ^

Hope you enjoyed <3

What Love Really Means

What Love Really Means.

Haven’t we all questioned who will love me for me? For all my flaws, all my mistakes, all the darkest parts within me? Who will never leave me and take me for all I am? Who will love me unconditionally?

I believe we all long to be loved. At times we’re afraid we’re unlovable. We hide so many parts of us away because we’re afraid no one would love us if they saw our struggles. If they saw all the pain and turmoil we carry within. If they knew everything we thought.

There is Someone though who LOVES us despite our failures, despite our messed up thoughts, despite how many times we’ve betrayed Him and put Him aside. His love is unconditional and when we finally can wrap our minds around that, perhaps then, we can learn to love ourselves as well and see us how He sees us and learn to love others unconditionally as well.

Dear friend,

I hate to see you hurting. To know every day you’re crying, hopeless, and don’t want to carry on.
I wish I had all the words to say to take it all away. I wish I could shield you in my arms so you’d never have to feel pain. I wish they’d open up their eyes and see this isn’t a game. 
There are no 1 ups or continues, only game over and by then its too late. 
What I can say is that I’ve been in your shoes, I have felt that despair. 
I can say I think you’re the reason He spared me. 
To tell you I know it’s hard but it’s not permanent. 
I’m here to listen and try and help as much as I can. 
I’m here to tell you you’re worth so much more than you think.
I’m here to tell you that so many people would be heartbroken if you weren’t around. 
I’m here to make a fool of myself just to see you laugh. 
Please hold your promise and stay. 
I’m here and I love you and can’t imagine this world without you.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,
I know I’m a bit early, but I was just hoping you could add one of these to my Christmas list :)

Falling asleep under the stars every night would be a dream come true, even if they’re artificial :)

mmk Thanks!

oh! and by the way, I’ll make sure to leave you EXTRA large cookies :)

ok Goodbye for now!

Stop Motion

Saturday, November 27, 2010



I'm a little behind on my Thanksgiving post but I wanted to let you all know how thankful I am for each and every one of you. For all your kind and encouraging words and support! You have no idea how much they've meant to me and stay with me til this day! I thank you!!

I have so much to be thankful for really. I can't complain. I have an amazing family who has been a rock to me! My God who never gives up on me and has shown me what unconditional love looks like. And the bestest friends I could have ever asked for!!!!!

Hope you guys had an amazing Thanksgiving with your loved ones and ate lots :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How He Loves Us (cover)

 Hey guys this video is my friend Danny & I singing for the first time together since graduation :)

We're doing the cover of How He Loves Us by John McMillan.

It feels so good to be singing again especially with him! and this song is just beautiful!

We want to start making videos of covers and hopefully write some songs. If you can please go visit

our new youtube channel and subscribe! Feel free to recommend any

songs you'd like to hear :)

Thank you loves!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things to do in Traffic

 Things to Do When Stuck In Traffic

1.Blast your radio up and sing like you're at your own concert (if you don't enjoy that at least you'll get a kick out of the people's reactions).

2. Pop in an audio book :)

3. Pick your nose and pretend to fling it at the car next to you :)

4. Call a Friend (headphones, bluetooth, both hands on wheels of course ;)

5. Pray, Talk to God.

6. Talk to yourself. Work on time to practice positive self-talk, evaluate where you're at, what needs to be changed and how you can change that.

Here are only a few to help those long drives and time in traffic! 
I would love to hear any of your guys ideas so feel free to share :)

Have a great drive,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dare to be Beautifully Different

There's something beautiful about things in places they don't normally belong. 
There's always been something so intriguing that's drawn me in and captured my attention.
As if though for a moment reality has escaped to a place I've only dreamt of, a place once unattainable.

Perhaps at times I feel like these pictures.
I don't always belong or fit in to the picture, 
but even in all of my out of place areas, 
as a whole, 
there's a beauty about that difference.

At times we try and fit a cookie cutter mold
that people have laid out of what they think we should be
Where they think we belong, or how we should look.
We get caught up in the struggle of who we are and who we're
told to be that we forget the beauty in being different. 

Perhaps this post makes sense to no one but me, and I'm okay with that.
I'm glad I just get to share these  pictures with you. :)

An amazing depiction of this is in Augustana's Boston video where he's playing the piano on the ocean shore and the water is crashing in and piano's all around, such beauty.
watch here

Have a wonderful night lovelies,
and remember,
dare to be beautifully different.
It's that difference thats so intriguing about you :)

<3 Lex