Sunday, December 2, 2012


Honest, emotional brokenness is a state where our hearts are fully exposed, naked, and vulnerable, where we can no longer find the strength within ourselves, but must seek outwards to God and to community. Brokenness is a state of humility and complete humanness as you sit in your messiness. Painfully beautiful because the armour of protection that we have erected to harden the exterior shell of our hearts has been penetrated to show that we can still feel and bleed. It allows us to trust in God rather than in our own capacity because we have found ourselves in the dark abyss of the well we have fallen into with no way out, only finding ourselves looking up into the light as God reaches to our rescue. In this honest brokenness, our masks begin to peel off and we look at ourselves truthfully. There is no energy for false portrayals, only realness, struggles, weaknesses, and tears as we cry out with childlike hearts to our Daddy to rescue us.
God’s love and grace in moments of emotional brokenness reveal the beauty of His heart. He calls us to a higher place of worship. It is in the wrestling and struggling, in the vulnerability and surrender, where we find our identity in Christ. It is where we learn to love others and sit with them where they are. We are not annoyed because they are not where we want them to be, but are perfectly content in walking at their pace with them as God has with us. We learn to accept their messiness because we realize our messiness is the same. “Every human being on earth, regardless of their gifts and strengths, is weak, vulnerable, and dependent on God and others” (Scazzero, 2006, p. 34). Being broken calls us to a higher calling of love because Christ pours an abundance of His love over us. “By failing to let others be themselves before God and move at their own pace, we inevitably project onto them our own discomfort with their choice to live life differently than we do” (Scazzero, 2006, p.37).

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spoken Word: A Man's Promise

Our Love Story!

Hello beautifuls,

I had to share this beautiful encouraging love story with you.
It touched my heart to see this beautiful couples love story and to see
how important the tiniest details are to God and how much He loves us!

This girl is beautiful both inside and out and I am completely in admiration of her vulnerability
and how God used her darkest moments to draw others who were brokenhearted near to Him.
Man He is beautiful!

Well anyways, ENJOY!!


Shabby Apple-12 dress giveaway!

Hello beautiful ladies,

I know it's been a while since I've posted.
Perhaps you've thought I've fallen off the face of the planet
or perhaps you haven't thought much of it all.

Either way, I am posting because there is an amazing contest going on!
Amazing contest you say?! Please Lex, Tell us more!!

Well that's what I like to see! I shall proceed!

Shabby Apple is having a lovely giveaway filled with gorgeous vintage style so you too can feel like a classic beauty!

So how do you win?!

Here is a posting from their blog, please do not reply to mine. I added the Shabby Blog link below as well as their facebook page that you can proceed to like. :)

How would you like to win one year of free dresses? That is correct, one for every month October 2012 to October 2013. This means you have will receive the dress of your choice for each month of the year. Fantastic right? We think so! Here are the details on how to enter:
1. You must be a follower of our blog.
2. You must like us on Facebook. 

For EXTRA entries:
1. Tweet about the contest using the hashtag #shabbyapple
2. Blog about the contest.
3. Share the contest on your own Facebook wall. 
Leave a seperate entry for each here on the blog. That is a total of 5 possible entries!
The winner will be announced right here on the blog next Monday October 15. Contest is open to US only. 

                                                                 GOOD LUCK!!

Visit their website:

Facebook Page:

Happy Winnings!