Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009, HELLO 2010!


2009, I'll miss the good memories you left behind for me, such as you are the year I married my hunk of a hubby. The year we went to Costa Rica and bottlefed baby racoons, the year got to finally not have to say goodbye. The year I gained a new family. With a lot of these happy memories though, you've brought a long some heartache haven't you? Oh yes..This was the year I hit rock bottom, but you know what 2009, I thank you for those memories, I thank you because throughout the hardships, throughout my weakest point, I learned to stop running from God. I learned I'm not strong and that's okay! I learned it's okay to depend on the one who is Greater!

2010, I have a lot of expectations for you, don't worry, I don't think they're too far out of reach..and yes..I know my effort is the main emphasis on these changes, I'm just letting you know.
This year, is the year I want to be the closest to God, the year I allow Him to change me and make me the person I was created to be. I want His love to pour out of me onto others. This year...I'm going to work to be the best wife, but I know I can't do that without God, so I'm going to allow Him to show me how! I want to be a resting place for my husband, his support system! Also, I wouuld like to lose weight and tone up :D of course, I'm sure 2010, that you have many of those requests already!
hmm..These are the main I am thinking, but I have mini goals set up as well..I'll keep you updated on those! 2010, I'm really excited to see how you'll turn out!

I'm really excited for 2010! I feel a change is coming! A fresh start! I really hope 2010 is an amazing year for all of us! Again..2010 can't offer more than we are willing to put in, so let's put our hearts into it!

Happy New Year beautifuls!
<3 Lex

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I<3 Giveaways!!

Okay so Sandy from Filled with Wanderlust is having a giveaway, and honestly the gifts are amazing!

Here's a visual:


to be honest...I really hope it's me because..well look at these beauties! They're just soooo amazing!
but..I will definitely be happy for any girl who wins them! They are definitely lucky!!
So I suggest you all to go over to her page and enter the contest!!

Goodluck to all you lovely ladies!

Monday, December 28, 2009

the smallest things fill my heart with gladness


What I'm about to write might sound crazy to a few of you, of course at first, I thought I might be crazy too, that is until today.

About a few weeks ago I just began to feel so alone and sad and I found myself crying out to God, tears rolling down my cheeks, my heart feeling empty and I told Him how alone and sad I felt. That I knew He loved me, but if He could just give me signs, that I needed something tangible. I don't know if any of you have felt this way, that you just desperately needed to feel that love, but I was. Since that day, I have found hearts everywhere. I found one in my salad, on top of the rice vinegar bottle (a little stain had formed into the shape of a heart), walking towards our place I found a dried up leaf in the perfect shape of a heart and I took it home with me. Sure these are all small things, but it is the smallest things that fill my heart with gladness. That small heart shaped item, made me smile, I felt as though I was being romanced by a God who loves me sooo much, he surprises me with the smallest things to let me know I am loved, and that He is there. At first I thought, maybe it's just coincidence, still holding on to the hope that it was from God, but I can't doubt anymore. There's been too many since my prayers, so many even Alex has mentioned I've been finding a lot of heart things lately and all I could do is smile and say, yes, because God loves me.

Today Alex brought me the Asian chicken from Wendys, and there in the corner underneath all the other little chicken pieces, was a heart shaped chicken!

No matter what you're going through or how you feel, God is there, waiting for you to come to Him.
Waiting for you to accept how much He loves you, waiting to show you, even in the smallest details!

Just want to share some adorable heart pictures with you since we're on the topic :D


                                                     I thought this image was hilarious

Whenever you're feeling unloved...know it's not true, cause there is a God who loves you greatly!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas, Piercings, & Awards <3

Well no, that's not my kitty but I did think it was a darn cute picture ;)

I haven't posted in a bit and I know Christmas is over but I just want to share with you all the Christmasy things that went on :D

In the month of November is when my Christmas shopping began. The ladies got beautiful gifts from and the men got gifts from Bass Pro Shop all except for the hubby. His gift brought the most complication, but it all worked out at the end. I really hope he enjoys his Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet and thanks to the UPS man for helping me out ;). ps. hubby's gift didn't get in until December 24th.

I wanted to make my own Christmas wreath this year so this is how it began, with some different colored yarn.

Umm, disaster maybe? I had no idea how to decorate this wreath. All I knew was that I had buttons, yarn, felt, and the two birds I had sewed the weekend before at the ranch. And don't ask about that little tree..I thought it would be cute..but I cut it retarded, figured maybe it could be a really weird cute tree and then hung it with white thread...ehh..well, for the first time and not having any instructions I was like, okay, I'll let this one pass, I'll have to definitely plan for next years ;).
After we picked out our very first Christmas tree together, and really, my first real Christmas tree since I was little, we went home let it sit for a few days then went ornament shopping! Here's some of our special faves :)

It's kind of blurry but it's a handheld video game with a sign that says super gamer. I thought it fit him!
                                                    I thought this was cute, it's a little wisk
And since the hubbs loves drums we got him this perfect ornament to match.
This was our first attempt at the Christmas tree. Now it's in a better location, more lights and the ornaments are better situated, all thanks to Edilma.

I received some beautiful Christmas cards from some very special ladies! 

This came inside of Grace's Christmas card! She definitely made me smile! Thank you Grace!

 Can you believe Lauren made these earrings?!!!  They are absolutely beautiful! Thank you soo much Lauren!! You are so talented!

Elizabeth drew these wonderful animations for me on her Christmas card! Thank you I loved them!

Thank you guys soo much for your beautiful cards and wonderful words!!

I made some rumballs, a family tradition, and just because I got married, my husband wasn't going to let me get away with not making them this year! They are uber yummy :D


Christmas morning we were both super tired from the previous night, but yet super excited to open our presents and see what we got each other! So we went out to the living room and he had me open my presents first!  He got me this GINORMOUS purse, he said it was so I can fit all of my stuff inside, my purses usually turn into a mary poppins bag, so this really was a great gift! He's so thoughtful. He got me a 53 piece baking set, a spatula, the turning table, and the lise watier concealer I have been wanting!! Then it was his turn! I got him a T-shirt, 2 flannel nice shirts, an inflatable punching bag, this workout bands you put onto a door, and...A Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet for his designing :D

After gift opening we went back to bed, then I read Luke 2, the story of Jesus birth, the meaning of Christmas. It's amazing that He took the lowest of all places to be born. Humbling himself for us.

We then celebrated Christmas at my moms. His parents and siblings went over we had a breakfast brunch filled with yummy food and lots of family love!

Our family with our great grandparents in the middle.. This was just their side :D

My second parents and siblings

                                                            Hubby with my Pops :D

After we went to go see the Christmas Carol in 3D which to our surprise wasn't in the theatre anymore!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN?! IT'S CHRISTMAS AND IT'S A CHRISTMAS MOVIE!!
Go figure! Instead we went to blockbuster and bought Up, Gran Turino, Dark Knight, and the Christmas Classics. We definitely were entertained all cuddled up!

only thing missing, was..

I don't know where one of my favorite movies went..but it vanished in my own house! >_<

The day after Christmas my hubby took me to get my last Christmas gift!!

It definitely didn't hurt like I thought it would, honestly, pulling out a nose hair hurts ten times worse. but maybe that's just my personal opinion. It's really weird to see yourself with something on your face at first. My first reaction was like oh no. I don't think I like where it's at, I thought it should be farther back, but then again, I don't know these things. After a while I've grown to get more used to it and like it more and more each time :D Thank you hunny bunns!

Last but not least, Emily Anne awarded me with an award! Thank you so much Emily Anne for even thinking of me! You are adorable!!

Name an author you love: Karen Rivers, only because she's the writer of my favorite book :D

Name an author you hate- hmm.. can't think of one.

The book you love- Reedeming Love, hands down my favorite! 

What always moves to you, or what makes you feel excited? 
shooting stars, animals, kids, something sweet and just because from alex, love: in any form. 

                                                     Something I hate: the news. 

I must pass this on to  7 blogs now so here you go:

Sandy from Filled with Wanderlust
Danielle from Sometimes Sweet 
Laura from Violet Bella's World 
Caitlin from The August One 
Naka's Net 
Bianca from Goodnight Little Spoon 

Thank you guys for reading or at least looking at the pictures :D Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!! 



Monday, December 21, 2009

An Open Heart Video.<3your friend

Hello ladies,

well this post is kind of scary for me to put up. I guess I'm really not the best at being vulnerable. It's been within the past year that I've learned how to, but still, it terrifies me. Anyone who read this previous post would know how I feel about vulnerability. As well, it's  a lot easier for me to express myself in writing then with words, ever since I was a little girl, I used to leave little notes for my dad, but expressing myself verbally, I would find myself mumbling, stuttering, and messing up everything I intended to say. Yet, I feel I need to share this with you guys, no matter what may come of it. Some of the things I speak about in the videos, I have written about, so it may sound familiar, but here's my heart, open for you all, open for anyone who needed to hear it.

Please know you always have a friend in me.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Strawberry Christamsy Cupcakes!

Today has been a rather lazy day where I have spent all day in bed! No seriously, ALL day in bed, with Bangledash, my kitty, of course, since hubby is at work. I only got up to say hello to hubby and sit with him while he played some video games, made lunch, and then..I was back in bed.  Finally, at 7pm, a rush of motivation hit me...
Yes of course I have a cabinet full of cupcake supplies! I rushed to the kitchen and made some strawberry cupcakes! A little pinkness to spruce it up and make it all happy.
And well, since Christmas is coming up rather quickly, I decided to decorate them Christmasy of course. (I'm sure Christmasy isn't a word, but  um, well it is now!

                                                Strawberry cupcakes are very yummy!

Santa, things are going to be a little different this year. Well, I know you usually get cookies, but umm...this year, we're upgrading you with some cupcakes. Ps. hope you enjoy your new beard ;)

                                              A christmas tree atop a snowy mountain

Just a reminder to smile.
We're alive & have so many reasons to smile. So smile & pass it along to a family, friend, or stranger!

Merry Christmasy Time Loves!

Friday, December 18, 2009

OMG....Have you heard?!! A Giveaway!!

Hello lovelies! Just wanted to inform you that Violet Bella is having an AMAZING holiday giveaway!!!!! And who doesn't like giveaways..beautiful gifts for free!? gifts?! Really?! Winning!?!!
YES! you can dance with excitement now!

Do yourself a favor and HEAD ON OVER TO HER WORLD!!

oh my lovelies!

Yipee!! Another award! Given to me by Rasha pronounced Ray-sha, whose blog I honestly can't stop stalking!! I think I've read through every last post and I can't get enough of her!! I really can't..if you look through her blog I think I've commented on almost everything! She's an amazing writer, who keeps me captivated the whole time! I definitely think she should follow that dream!

Okay first, my apologies, I haven't really understood this whole award thing, that is until reading the rules on Rasha's Blog on how this is exactly done and that you should contact the people you awarded! Woops! Sorry for those I have not contacted before! I'm just a noob!

Ok so the award this beautiful lady gave me is...

EEE!! Pretty Sweet!! Thank you Rasha! :D I absolutely love you!

So now, I must forward this to some bloggers whom I think have pretty Glamorous blogs. Okay, I can't keep giving to the same people, but please know I'd give it to you ten times fold if I could because I just love your blogs! But I also love these new ones and think their blogs are uber glammy!

Okay, so I narrowed it down to 10 and they are not listed in any particular order.
You should all go check these lovely bloggers out!

<3Kate Lunacy, Beautiful Lunacy is 18 living in Germany with an amazing eye for fashion, design, and everything beautiful. The words underneath each picture are heartfelt and dreamy.

Just a visual example of picture on her blog.

<3Alexz, Bird Trouble is so stinking CREATIVE! She has the cutest stuff in her store! Wish I had enough money to buy one of each!

<3 Biscuit is simply an adorable fun loving wrapped in cuteness kinda girl who is currently sporting hot pink hair! The funnest part is she takes me everywhere she goes!! her blog..of course :D

<3 Cris, Hello Sunshine is absolutely amazing and beautiful and opens up her heart to her readers! I'm so glad I've gotten to know this amazing girl! The beauty of it all is that she is 16! With a great future ahead of her! Thanks for letting me be a part of your life now Cris <3

<3 Cassie, Honeybunny in Wonderland I love scrolling through her page! It's Cassie's version of a real life Alice in Wonderland and I honestly can't get enough of her outfits..I secretly wish to raid her closet! I just want it all!! ok..let me calm down from all the excitement! I really do love just scrolling through Cassie's blog! It's like fiction meets real life!

<3I love you to the moon I really can't resist her adorableness! She looks like such a sweetheart and I really enjoy reading her posts and seeing those beautiful creative ornaments her sis and her painted!

I mean really...can you resist that adorableness?!

<3Jamie, Inspired Mess what a rolemodel this woman! She is just so full of life despite everything she's had to face in her life!! She is an overcomer! A source of creative beauty! I really do hope to be like her someday!! Jamie, you are an amazing woman!!!!!!!!!!

<3Mermaid in a Manhole is a beautiful person, in and out, with a heart that was made to lift others up through her uplifting advice. Her posts pierce through your heart, and you leave her blog a better person then when you came in.  Thank you Mermaid!

<3Miss Indie umm..please. Have you seen this woman's stuff?!!! Do I really need to explain why I wanted to give her this award?! She is FREAKING AMAZING!!! PURE TALENT! PURE CREATIVENESS. I'm sure....her picture has to be right next to creative in the dictionary! <-cheesy line..but it really should!

Last but not least...
<3Strawberry Koi I found this girl on youtube actually and OMG! She is a pure vintage beauty filled with vintage love!!! My goodness, really, I'm sure you guys probably know about her but if not...GO NOW!!

Thank you again Rasha for passing this to me and I recommend you all to go check out these lovely ladies!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend filled with LOVE!