Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hair change?

There comes a point in every girls life, in mine more often than not, that you need a change. It's like an itch. Perhaps it's part of trying to feel pretty or different.

Well, I was watching Enchanted the other day and noticed I really like her hair color.
and I pretty much want it :)

I'm not really sure how it would look on me so I needed some outside perspective.
Should I go for it or look for a different color??

I thank you ahead of time for your help! 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Hello All!

Thank you all for your support. The giveaway winner for the Random Acts of Kindness Contest is...

Thank you for all of you who entered the giveaway! I love what you all did! I hope we'll all continue to bless other people throughout the day!!

and make sure to go over to the winner's site and congratulate her as well as my collaboration partner ;)

Have a wonderful day!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Character amidst the trials.


These past few days I've found myself thinking quite a bit about character, trials, and perseverence.


Just bear with me with what I'm about to write, not sure how smoothly it'll come out or how many rabbit trails I may run into, but I promise, there is a point, and if you hang in there with me, you'll see :)

I think it's safe to say we've all been through hard times. I think especially lately, we are seeing more and more broken hearts, maybe we're just learning to be honest, or maybe pain really has increased.Whatever the case may be, the matter of the fact is that pain is real.

I was reading the story about a man named Joseph and as I read I reflected back on my own life, my own trials, how I've handled the situations, and where I have failed to have character amidst them.

How I've handled my trials (the way not to):

Throughout my suffering I have complained, been bitter, unforgiving, angry, hopeless, helpless, selfish.
All of a sudden, the whole world had become about my suffering. Everything changed because of it. My love for people changed into isolation, my heart grew hard, I lacked patience. Often times I just wanted to give up! I didn't want to live anymore or be here on earth. I felt like there was no point in living.

Why am I saying this? Because I've realized, I've gotten it all wrong.


An example of getting it right?

Joseph. Joseph was the youngest of 12 brothers, born to Jacob, also known as Israel. Joseph was Israel's favorite son and obviously, that made the other brothers jealous of him. At a young age, God had given Joseph a dream where all his brothers would bow before him. He decided to tell his brothers his dream. I don't think that was a smart move, and perhaps it showed a bit of arrogance on his part.

Anyways, his brothers were out in the field one day and his dad asked Joseph to go attend and see, when his brothers saw him walking over they had so much hatred in their heart for him they wanted to murder him. Instead he was sold into slavery.

Picture with me, 11 other brothers, ganging up on you, filled with hatred for you, throw you in a ditch, and after sell you as a slave.  What would you feel at that very moment?? As I write the story I ask you to put yourself in Joseph's shoes and try to imagine what he must have been feeling. Would you have felt unloved, hopeless, fearful? I would have.

I heard someone say, ""The humility of being a slave tempers Joseph."  I never thought about it. But perhaps Joseph was a little prideful in his youth and before God could do anything with him there were a few changes that needed to be made.  So this horrible situation was just part of God's bigger plan.

After, Joseph was sold as a slave to the Pharaoh's official, Potipher.  What character Joseph must have had. From being his fathers favorite, to becoming a slave, Joseph was not a man that focused on the negative. Instead everything he did, God blessed. Potipher saw this and put Joseph in charge of all his household and did not have to worry about anything.

Okay so it looks like things are getting better right? Do you ever feel when things are going good something always comes to mess it up??

Well, Potiphers wife started to fancy Joseph and started coming onto him day after day asking Joseph to sleep with her. She must have been beautiful because all of the people of importance had beautiful women. Day after day Joseph refused. ""With me in charge," he told her, "my master does not concern himself with anything in the house; everything he owns he has entrusted to my care. 9 No one is greater in this house than I am. My master has withheld nothing from me except you, because you are his wife. How then could I do such a wicked thing and sin against God?" 10 And though she spoke to Joseph day after day, he refused to go to bed with her or even be with her." (Genesis 39:8-10). To refuse such temptation, he was a man of character who feared the Lord.

One day he was working and all the servants were out of the building and the wife came in and caught him a lone and grabbed him by his cloak and asked him again to sleep with her, he refused her and ran away. She kept his cloak and accused him of trying to sleep with her. Potipher  then had Joseph thrown in prison.

Please imagine with me this scenario, so I do the right thing and I still get punished?? I might have just gotten a tad bit upset with God and questioned why he was doing all this to me. I'd ask what I did to deserve this, but not Joseph. Again his character shines, because Joseph found favor with the prison guard and the prison guard appointed Jospeh as the head of all the prisoners and he trusted everything to Joseph. Joseph was in the prison for TWO years!!! In those two years, two prisoners came in and they both had dreams and God allowed Joseph to interpret those dreams.  When the pharaoh was troubled by his dream, one of the prisoners that had been freed remembered of Joseph and told the Pharoah. Joseph then interpretted Pharaoh's dream and Pharaoh saw that God was with Joseph and appointed him over all of Egypt!!

Throughout this time there was a famine all over and people were coming to Egypt to get grains. Josephs brothers came to get food, but they did not recognize Joseph. Joseph remembered them.

A lot in the middle happend but I'm going to get to a major point.

Joseph had mercy on them and told them, ""Don't be afraid. Am I in the place of God? 20 You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. 21 So then, don't be afraid. I will provide for you and your children." And he reassured them and spoke kindly to them." (Genesis 50:19-21).

Wow to know that all of your suffering was for a purpose! To not be revengeful towards those who wished you so much harm and hatred, instead to just love them, save them, and provide for them!


There's no way anyone can do this without God!
but I'm here to tell you, sometimes we may not understand why we are suffering, and at that moment, it seems as though there is no light at the end of the tunnel, but if we have faith in God and know that God has an amazing plan, perhaps, in the midst of our trials, we shall be a woman of character, whom people may look at us in our lowly condition but see something different, something worthy of honor, a heart that is faithful in God.

One of my favorite scriptures from the story of Joseph is "It is because God has made me fruitful in the land of my suffering."Genesis 41:52.

I hope you were able to read all the way through, and if not it's better to go to the real source. The story of Joseph is from Genesis 37-50.

As I read his story I just saw the comparison of how he handled his trials and how i have so wrongly handled and viewed mine. In Joseph's life I think you see God's true intentions, not to bring us harm or hurt us, but for something way better than we can ever imagine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope this was somewhat encouraging and uplifting!

This doesn't mean it is something that is easy, it is just something to strive for!

Sending you all lots of love!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines Retreat!

Hello lovelies!!

I hope you guys are doing good!
I know I already did a Valentinesy post and it is a little past Valentines but I thought I'd recap on our Valentines Weekend anyways :)

Our parents got us a weekend getaway at a Westin Hotel and tickets to this amazing Couples Conference called LOVE & RESPECT!

Alex and I were completely floored! You and I both know that we're completely different from guys but there's a lot of the differences that don't filter in through our mind when we get into arguments.  The couple leading the conference put our differences quite simply and just to see how many of our arguments are from stupid misunderstandings.  He speaks blue (respect) and we speak pink (love). To often we expect the other person to understand what we're saying and they don't and we get mad at them when they're not wrong, they're just different.

Not sure if I'm actually killing this conference for you with this explanation, if I am I do apologize!

I must say it was the most amazing conference ever though and I would highly recommend people to either try and attend one or get the video or read the book!

Here's a link

The conference finished Saturday like at 1:30 and we went straight to the hotel had some yummy lunch, napped, then room service dinner  and a movie all cuddled up in bed! :)
You all should watch Fantastic Mr. Fox :) Not sure how much of a kid movie it was though, but we sure liked it!

Sunday morning, VALENTINES DAY, I just couldn't sleep any longer. For some reason it felt like Christmas morning and the sudden urge to JUMP ON THE BED hit me, to which Alex groaned and asked if he could sleep a little longer. "Of course my dear, I'm just going to set up your presents" I replied.

I littered the floor with happy bunny valentines cards, hid his presents under the covers (Some MAG and Matisyahu CD & DVD) and then laid his MAN chocolate box over the covers with a sweet handwritten note on the night table. Presents what? Who can hold the urge of not wanting to find out! So ...he got up and found all his goodies rather quickly :)

Then he ran down to the car to surprise me with my goodies! :)

He's so thoughtful..putting in all the things I love together. 
He knows I absolutely love animals hence the doggy and I love cupcakes, hence the doggies cupcake home, and SKELEANIMALS!!!! he didn't know that but subconsciously I think he did ;)
and of course...WOW! lol

We drove back home shortly after and lounged around the house all day. We played some checkers and he attempted to teach me chess, but pretty much, he played against himself. I bought him Halo Wars which is a Halo lego piece set where you get to build tanks, which I think is pretty sweet, and he used to love legos, soo.....I am totally into the idea of staying a kid forever and doing those things that made you the we built halo legos!! Actually, he built, and I found the pieces he needed and seperated them for him :)

It was something like this but way cooler and more intricate! and it was actual army men..just couldn't find a good enough picture.

After I cooked him his favorite meal, curry chicken by a candlelight.

We had a great Valentines Day together just relaxing and spending quality time with one another.
oh..he even helped me bake :)

So why all the ramble. Pardon me if in my writing you see an unflow of thought and words. I am brain fried at the moment. It's on mental overload and I can't seem to process anything through normally...have more of a dazed look on my face like I have no idea what is going on!

so please forgive me.

Anyways, a friend of mine showed me Kandee's blogpost yesterday and I honestly think ALL of you should read it! It spoke a lot to her and it spoke so much to my heart!!! I decided I was going to write everything she said on my mirror and tell myself every morning!!
I hope you guys find it just as encouraging!!

Kandee's Blog

I hope you guys have a lovely day!! I apologize for not being able to comment you all lately, I've been so busy, Hopefully after next week, things will get back to normal!!

Sending you lots of love!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love is in the Air

So with the constant reminder that Valentines day is near, why not give in and make a post about Valentines?


There's something about the feeling that love is in the air. The smiles on each others faces, butterflies in each others tummies, just the fact that someone's near.

On the other side, as a single often times, we look around at all the couples around us and begin to hate the hallmark day of Valentines where we're reminded we're alone. (I'm speaking from a past point of view) but that's not how it has to be. 

For those who are single, I hope you have an amazing valentines day with your friends! I hope you girls get each other pretty valentines cards and even flowers! go out to dinner or watch a movie!  Valentines doesn't just have to be a day where you show a significant other that you love them, but where you can show a dear friend how much you love and care for them too! 

Those were some great Valentines! 

If you've got a loved one. Do something to let them know how much you care.
Girls, I know that we're the big romantics, but that doesn't mean that guys don't like being romanced either. 

So here are some ideas:

  • Decorate his house with hearts, bows and ribbons. 
  • Cook a dinner for two and decorate the room with heart-shaped candles. 
  • A romantic note asking him/her to be your valentine.  
  • Make your own Valentine's Day card which expresses your feelings. 
  • Create a scrapbook 'recollection collection' and fill it with love letters, photographs, cherished mementos, etc.  
  • Plan a special dinner for him either in a garden or a boat. A candle light dinner is just unforgettable. 
  • Prepare some nice valentines cookie recipe in the shape of heart and I'm sure your partner will love it.
  • Leave notes around the house..each one with a reason you love them, each one with a clue of where he can find the next.
  • If you buy balloons, write 1 reason why you love them on each balloon.
buy them a video game and wrap it in something valentinesy! (at the end, they're boys! and video games will always rule!)

ps. not all ideas were mine..for more go here.

I hope this Valentines is the best Valentine's you've had yet! That you're surrounded with love and that you spread the love!


Since this is the holiday of love, I cannot finish this post without speaking of the GREATEST love of all!! 

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.     1 John 3:16

I know you've all probably heard this verse and know it so well it has just become words, but please picture this with me. Imagine if you had one child, ONE! For those who can't picture having a child, imagine you're most treasured person, now, imagine sacrificing, that most treasured, loved person,to die on a painful cross for people who betrayed you and mocked you! Sure we might love people enough to die for our family and very close friends...but for enemies?!! We can't even imagine a love like that.

I hope you all know, that you have a God that loves you far greater than you can ever comprehend!! You're not alone, You're never alone!

Happy Valentines Beautifuls!
<3 Lex

Spread the word and love!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Very First Giveaway!

As I've been mentioning in other posts I've had a giveaway in mind for the past two months! The gifts have sat at the entrance for about 2 months now, but I've been waiting for the "right" time.

Right time meaning when I can make it as good/pretty as I wanted to. Well, It's about time I do it already!!
ps. sorry about picture quality

What's this giveaway about?

I wanted to make this giveaway a little different. I wanted this to be a giveaway where everyone's a winner. I know what you're thinking..Um..You're a newlywed, how can you give something to everyone?? you're not exactly well off. Yes you're right. Only one person will receive a material gift, but everyone will receive a gift that is far greater than any material gift may be. 

I'm lost here Lex, please explain.

Yes, my dears, I shall explain.

               The theme of this giveaway: A Random Act of Kindness.

Okay, so the point of the giveaway is within these next 2 1/2 weeks, anyone who wishes to enter must find at least one person, to do a random act of kindness to. Just to help brighten their day and turn their day around. You can do it to as many people as you wish! One is the minimum. Then you can either leave me a comment telling me about your experience, what you did, how the people reacted, and how you felt after. Bonus points if you write a blog post on your experience and link it back to this giveaway, as well leave me a comment letting me know you posted so I can go check it out. For those of you who have a youtube account, feel free to make a video about your experience and put it as a video response to my video on this giveaway.

Rules are you must be a follower to my blog or subscriber to the youtube channel.If you're both, GREAT! ^_^ comments, posts, videos must be entered no later than February 21, 2010.

There are so many hurting, lonely, people, who's whole day can be changed by one simple Random Act of Kindness. Too often we get so caught up in our busy lives to see all the difference we can make!

I really hope you guys do this giveaway! The goodies might not even be all the best, but the blessings you'll receive by seeing a lit up face has no price to it. The funny thing is that you get blessed in return.

I hope you join the giveaway where everyone's a winner!

2 Cupcake Boxes

I tried to find a list that would explain a Random Act of Kindness for anyone who didn't know. Instead I find this great example,

"We were in a restaurant and I noticed an elderly couple with a helium balloon tied to their table. When I asked them what the occasion was they told me it was their 50th wedding anniversary. I was glad and sad for them. Glad, because they still cherished each other. Sad, because they were all on their own. No family, no friends. As I went back to our table I thought that I should pay their bill. I tried to do it anonymously, but the restaurant manager was curious: what is this, who are they to you, who are you, why are you doing this? Finally, I told them I was a church pastor and felt prompted to do it. The elderly couple were stunned speechless at the counter when told a total stranger had paid their bill. They were nearly in tears. We were all nearly in tears: the couple, the manager, the waitresses, and me. Two months later I got a call. “Have you got the latest Woman’s Weekly?” “No, I only read the Man’s!” I said. Deb, who was with us in the restaurant, rang to tell me that my simple act of kindness was reported to the magazine (from memory, it was either the restaurant manager or the elderly couple). I wasn’t expecting anything in return, but that $44 or so random act of kindness touched the hearts of thousands. Imagine what would and could happen if we all practice random acts of kindness on family, friends, neighbors and strangers even for the next 30 days? Firstly, it will do something beautiful on the inside of you. And you never know what it will do to others. Go on, do something special, be creative and make someone’s day! I’d love to hear your story. Be blessed as you bless others in kindness."                                    Source

Imagine if we all pitched in, each of us just one person! I have 210 followers right now..If each person did this, there would be 210 people who's day would be brighter and filled with love.

Please spread the news of this giveaway by Tweeting this giveaway!

Ps. If you want to see the items better check out the video.

<3 Lex

ps. there may be some surprise throwins into the mix ;)