Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beauty in Colors [Image heavy]

I love the beauty of colors. 

Color has the ability to draw out a string of emotions at any given moment. 

And of course although all colors are beautiful in their own way we seem to draw out to 

certain ones the most. 

I can't seem to get past the excitement every time I see red hair! So many shades, yet so much beauty!

I've collected a few of my favorites to share with all you beautiful people :)

and this post just wouldn't be the same without my all time favorite redhead :) Alison Sudol!

Aside from hair the color that spruces up the most excitement, the one that draws out every inner childhood being I have within me is...ok well...I'm not sure what the exact name is whether teal, aqua, blue, seafoam green, but I know when I see it that I absolutely love it :)


  1. i love gingers! lol love this post so pretty

  2. quite lovely. I stopped dying my hair red after ten years now. I slightly missed it when looking through these shots, but I don't because I think it made me look a little older. beautiful though!!!

  3. Hey I created a new blog
    The old Confessions of a Teenager's Blessed Baggage isn't what I"ll be using anymore to blog. I"m now using one called A Girl Underground

  4. I love the hairstyles, especially red (your color looks great on you btw!). The aquamarine blue bedroom with the twig bed posts is stunning!

  5. fancy lady: Me too!!!

    Justice Pirate: It's such a pretty color, but so much maintenance huh? lol

    Riah: I'll go check it out :)

    Rachel: Thanks :) and I know I wish I could transform my bedroom to look like that! uber pretty!

    Polka Dot: :)