Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How He Loves Us (cover)

 Hey guys this video is my friend Danny & I singing for the first time together since graduation :)

We're doing the cover of How He Loves Us by John McMillan.

It feels so good to be singing again especially with him! and this song is just beautiful!

We want to start making videos of covers and hopefully write some songs. If you can please go visit

our new youtube channel and subscribe! Feel free to recommend any

songs you'd like to hear :)

Thank you loves!



  1. you both have lovely voices!!! I adore harmonies BIG TIME. You guys sing it so well together. We sing that for the youth group I lead. Seriously a powerful song. I don't usually like contemporary Christian music either (just the underground stuff, which I know you like too since you've mentioned The Almost which I listen to).

  2. Awesome!!! I love that song so much and it means so much! So powerful!!!! xoxo

  3. wow fantastic job :D cant wait to see mashups next!

  4. that was really pretty...i still cant belief how beautifully you can sing! glad to see you are back at it :)