Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December is FINALLY HERE!

Hello December!!
You’ve finally arrived! I’m so excited this year!
Today is the beginning countdown til Christmas and it shall begin with pretty Decembery pictures :)

What are things you're looking forward to in this month of December?! :)


  1. I agree, December is LOVELY. I love the shot of the christmas tree with blurred lights. So lovely and simple.

    Can't wait to get some fun lights on me tree. And get a tree... :D Cute blog.

  2. Hi Van! Isn't picking out the tree and putting it together so much fun! :) This is the Christmas I've been most excited about!

    and thank you :) glad you think it's cute ^_^

  3. I'm excited about my birthday, because it is a milestone-the big 18. And I'm looking forward to a break from school, however brief it is :D. I'd be more excited about Christmas if I was farther along in my shopping :D! lol. Seeing family should be nice, too, if they come. I'm READY for this month, I need that breath of chill December air and that taste of holiday spirit. Beautiful pics, btw :).