Thursday, January 28, 2010

Piggy & a black eye!

Oh my goodness!! 200 followers!! Wow! Thank you guys sooo much for following!

I am so sorry that I haven't really been writing.

I've been so busy with work and school. School is kicking my butt! I am so ready for it to be over with. I'm doing this Excel program in Psychology that the classes are shorter and more intense but you finish faster and can still go to work full time and school full time. I have a 5 week class that I need to read 5 books for and write papers every week. I don't know how people do work, school, marriage, and kids!! You guys are honestly superwomen!! I applaud to you!

I've had so much going on. Alex and I got a baby piggy.

When we first got her she was wild and was terrified of us. She was quite the little challenged piggy. But once she realized we were the food givers, she began to think we were her parents! ::insert aww here:: We took turns feeding this hungry piggy who loved to take naps on us after. Look at Alex, you can just tell he's going to be a good daddy one day :) He was a natural with that bottle, and that piggy wasn't easy to feed.

We taught her to follow us, she learned to go up and down stairs and go pee outside. When she was frightened she'd hide underneath my skirt! She had grown to love us so much that she did not like to be in her cage, which was a piggy mansion. I'm not sure if any of you have ever heard a pig scream...but they're loud!  Well, the downstairs neighbors began to complain. We thought it might have been the screaming but our next door neighbors said they couldn't hear anything. I'm guessing it was when we took the mansion piggy kennel to the bathroom to hose...smelly kennel...not a good mix.

Well anyways. Long story short, our downstairs neighbor ended up calling the cops. We told them that sorry it was the piggy but at first they were like yea okay no really what's going on..then piggy walked in front of them. Their faces were priceless..they were guys have a pig..they told us that they didn't want to but if they got another call they would have to fine us. Um we're newlyweds, we can't afford to be fined! sooo....we quickly got in the car and took her back to my parents who will take her back to the ranch and hopefully our former pet pig will adopt her since this little piggy was abandoned by her mommy.

Bye piggy! I'm going to miss you! I'm going to miss your bruise making nudges and the feel of your hooves. The way you looked at me when I fed you from the bottle and the way you'd fall asleep on me.

On Another Note

I was planning on making Valentines videos...but..I'm not so sure I can do that at the moment. Tuesday morning I woke up with a bad stomach ache..sorry if this is I went to the bathroom..all of a sudden I wasn't feeling so good..I was wondering..omg..I feel like passing out..I said baby, baby, and after that I don't recall a thing until I slowly woke up to his voice telling me to wake up. I woke up in tears..I don't know why, but I always do. Somehow it feels like you almost didn't make it through. He had me laying flat on the bathroom floor. Quickly I remembered my stomach ache again and got right back on, I began to feel a pain on my face. Alex told me the reason why it hurt was because I had fallen straight onto the floor, my right side of my face/eye slammed into the ceramic water bowl for kitty. He said he heard me fall and ran and picked me up and laid me flat. He was so scared I died.  but nope :) Slowly but surely, I felt every part of my face that landed on the tile floor...and my eye has gotten worse each day, but I am soooooo thankful that I didn't land on my nose and break it, or cracked my head open on the tub. I think of all the wrong ways it could have gone and I'm soooo thankful that God had my back on that one!

Once I got over the shock I couldn't help but laugh at what happend (this was at night that I found it all funny). I made Alex show me how he found me..please, picture with me, Head in a cat bowl, butt in the air, arms dead facing back flat on the floor...idk...just the mere idea is hilarious!!!! 

Here's a little picture. You can't really tell the swelling here so much. To be quite honest, If it wasn't for the bruising, I prefer how my face looks with the swelling. I don't know how to explain it but it gave my cheeks more definition and not such a big deep crater I normally have underneath my eyes...
yes yes I'm weird I know.

Well...this is why I don't think I'll be able to post a valentines series video....but I will try and post more often!

I'm so sorry this is so long! Just letting you know what's been going on.

I hope you all are doing good!!!!



  1. Awwww, I love little piggies! My cousin had a pet pot belly when we were young, and it was so sweet!

    I hope your face feels better! I know what you mean about puffiness looking good. When I wake up, my face looks the best because a tiny bit of puff under my eyes makes me look younger. Weird!

  2. Hello Hello.

    I'm a new follower, all the way from Denmark.
    What a cute little piggy, she's a real beauty!
    Sorry to read about the black eye.

    Looking forward to follow you here on your blog.

    - Lisa

  3. omg.. that is so sad about the black eye! how scary.

    and omg, im SO jealous, boyfriend nad i were just talking about little piggy!! soo jealous... can i come play with him?

    missed you best!

  4. aw, the little pig is sooo cute. sorry you couldn't keep it!!
    and boo about your black eye!! I'm glad you didn't get seriously hurt!!!
    good luck with your class!!

  5. Ok the piggie is about the cutest thing I have ever seen! And I don't mean to laugh at your pain but the way you described your fall just cracked me right up! But I am sorry about the black eye part, no fun! I hope you are recovering well!

    Ps. Love the makeup tutorial, I just learned a bunch of new tips!

  6. I'm so sorry you couldnt keep the adorable piglet! But, it was probably better than a massive fine.. grouchy neighbors.

    And im sorry about your eye/passing out! This happens to me more often that I'd like, and I hate it.
    Hope you are feeling better lil lady.

    Thank you for your sweet comments, they make my day. :D

  7. what a cute little piglet! i wish you could have kept her! that's why i hate neighbors. they always have something to complain about and just suck lol.

  8. Hey girl, I've been wondering about you & how you've been since your last post. I loved reading about the pig...too cute! But I was freaking out reading about your little passing out situation. I'm glad to see you making funny fish faces with your black shows us that your doing ok. lol =)

  9. someday Alex will be able to laugh at the whole bathroom situation. It's a good thing black eyes aren't forever.

  10. AWHH~! you guys are so sweet! you never mentioned the name of that adorable piggy!

    oh, my. i hope the swelling ebbs soon!

  11. i can't believe you guys got a pig! so stinking cute!

  12. tehe u still look pretty with a black eye ^^

    i love pigs ^^

  13. hi hun. haha yea u told me about the piggy. sucks how u had to give it away. hun im so sorry about what hppnd ive been getting really dizzy now and i feel liek passing out but i do what u tole me to do so it helps. i am getting the endoscopy so pray for me please love you hun.


  14. hi darling, so sorry you had to give the piggy back. he was so cute. and I am so sorry to fell and hit your head. Did you figure out why or what happened? I have felt like that before when I get my period and it gets real bad, I feel like I have to go to the bathroom and then I get all sweaty and lightheaded. I usually just end up sitting on the bathroom floor. oh love, I so glad Alex was home. Hope the bruise goes away soon. So much love to you.

  15. and, i just watched the video, you look so pretty without makeup and with a black eye!

  16. lol thanks laura! that shows how much you love me that you would think that!

    Well the whole passing out thing, I got it from my mama, lol

    When I was really sick it used to happen all the time, now it only happens every so often so it's not that bad. This is just the first time I've fallen. I am soooo glad alex was there! He took really good care of me after :)

    thank you guys for all your comments!

    I know I'm going to miss the piggy! but I know it won't be forever!
    This is only a I still have my kitty who's been extra cuddly!!

  17. I was wondering where you had been!

    My boyfriend's mom used to have a potbellied pig!

  18. awwwww! i am always wanted a baby piggy as a pet! i'm sorry that you weren't feeling well and that you got a black eye. i hope it's all better!

  19. hey girl! i'm pretty good....thanks for the comments! i hope you liked that girl power video :) i can't believe this about your eye and passing out! yikes!!!!! awww, i hope you feel better and that the eye heals up super duper fast!
    i'm glad to see you back online, sweets :)