Friday, January 8, 2010

A Sweet Surprise from A dear beautiful friend!

I open our front door and there on the table is this big box, pretty in pink, with beautiful decorations.
I saw that it was sent to me and sent from....Laura, Violet Bella. OMG!! I was soooo excited!
Little butterflies filled my tummy as I thought, no she didn't! I wondered what was inside! I was like a little kid! I grabbed my hubbies knife and attempted to open the do I open this darn thing? There must be an easy way...turn around...there was. Finally! I open up the box and to my surprise it's filled with pretty wrapping paper and.....

This beautifully wrapped square with a surprise inside and when I turned it around to open I found..

                                Thank you for your card! Laura! You are the sweetest!!

You must be saying...WHAT'S INSIDE ALREADY?! Don't worry, I'm getting there ;)

She said she was at target and saw this and thought of me...I don't even know where to begin to express how thankful I am that she would even think of me! Thank you soooo much for this book! I can't wait to make all sort of goodies from it!! I showed it to Alex and he thought it was amazing!!

If that were not enough, she packed me some of these amazing baking cups!!!!!! EEEEEEE!!!
That was my reaction! I felt like a little kid at disney as I opened up this package. You can ask Alex..
I even clapped like in the scene of Nutty Professor, Hercules Hercules..except for it was at a much faster rate..and probably a much sillier level, needless to say, super excited & thankful!

AND THEN.....I think my most favoritest part...

Laura made me a cupcakesniper!!!!!! I'm a horrible picture taker and it was night time and I have horrible lighting..but there hanging off the string is a little gun shooting out the heart!I mean, is she good or what? Just every detail was perfect. This one got me right at the heart. I don't know what it is about homemade gifts, but the fact that the person thinks of you while they make something is soo meaningful...Each gift was extremely meaningful. Laura totally didn't have to at all, but I thank her soooo much for her sweetness, for even thinking of me, for all the details that add up to so much!
I will cherish this FOREVER!! I went out with the hubbs to buy thumbtacs so I can hang it up!!

Laura, I can't thank you enough!! I'm sooo glad that I've gotten to know you and become friends!
I really wish we lived closer and maybe if our hubby's get to know each other more on COD, maybe they'll invent a trip  gathering ;)
One can only hope!

You guys honestly should swing over to her blog! She is soooo talented, from photography, to jewelry, to clothes, Laura is just pure talent and so down to earth. It's honestly impossible to not love her.
Thank you again Laura!

ps..remember those hearts I was seeing everywhere? Well here's a leaf I saved ;)

<3 Lex


  1. AW, how thoughtful is she!!

    My mom got me that book for Christmas, and all of my friends got me cupcake papers and a cupcake stand and other assorted baking supplies.
    A "sweet" Christmas in more ways than one!

    <3 Grace.

  2. Lex,

    I am so happy you love your little cupcake plush! It was so fun to make. I took some photos of it if you want them, i couldnt resist, it was so cute!

    hope the book is inspiring, there were a bunch of silly cupcakes in it! there was another book i wanted to get you, it was called 500 cupcakes! it was mostly recipes for different flavors, which is cool, but i loved the decorating more!

    and those mini cupcake papers were just so cute! i want to make some that small!

    that would be so cool if our boys got to know each other too!

    big love,

  3. Yay! Packages from Laura are THE BEST!!!!
    Looove her creations! There's sooo many things in her shop that I want!

    That's so awesome! Happy Mail is the best!!!

    P.S. Can you message or email me your email address? =) Nevermind! I see it up there! I have something to e-mail you. =)

  4. ahhh! that is the sweetest thing ever! i love the little cupcake sniper! so cute! how sweet of her! this is why i love making blog friends! everyone is so sweet to each other! and i feel just as close to my blog friends as some of my real life friends! so cool!

  5. that is the most thoughtful gift! what a sweetie!

  6. What a sweet gift! Love the cupcake sniper she made!

  7. Wow. Second post I have seen with someone getting neat goodies in the mail.
    Lucky! :)

  8. aaaw wow so cute love the cupcake hanger thing (: haha very nice.


  9. awh very nice ofher ^^

    love the cupcake sniper :3

  10. Jamie: just in case the email thing doesn't work my email is

  11. awwww! that is so sweet! :] blog friends are so awesome!

  12. amazing :D
    she must really know you ! :)
    i didnt know you could make such good friends from the blog world :)

    following you! **
    hope you follow me too on!

    PS: great blog and hope you have already started making some cupcakes :D

  13. well i couldnt help it but to answer to your lovely comment :)
    oh ofc i ackowledge the hard work that is needed but when i see so much "cuteness" stuffed in an image, my mind just stops working (and i have this urge need to kick someone but that would make me single AND a bitch :P )

    anyway the weird person who kicks people because they are kissing says a huge THANK you for your good words :D

  14. mmm your comment made me feel better
    now for the people who have red our comments to each other I am the "I am kicking people because I am jealous"girl and you are the "oooh i just cant get enough of you" girl :D
    NICE (Y)
    we are officialy WEIRD :P

  15. oooooOOOOooooo Lex you are just the luckiest girl alive!!! :)
    That book is amazing (I've been ogling it on amazon since I checked it out from the library)!!!!!!!
    Laura is just so sweet isn't she??? hheee loving that little cupcake sniper adorable!!!!!
    you totally have to share pictures and recipes here on your blog when you try them out Lex (pretty please?)!!!!! I want to see them:D