Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines Retreat!

Hello lovelies!!

I hope you guys are doing good!
I know I already did a Valentinesy post and it is a little past Valentines but I thought I'd recap on our Valentines Weekend anyways :)

Our parents got us a weekend getaway at a Westin Hotel and tickets to this amazing Couples Conference called LOVE & RESPECT!

Alex and I were completely floored! You and I both know that we're completely different from guys but there's a lot of the differences that don't filter in through our mind when we get into arguments.  The couple leading the conference put our differences quite simply and just to see how many of our arguments are from stupid misunderstandings.  He speaks blue (respect) and we speak pink (love). To often we expect the other person to understand what we're saying and they don't and we get mad at them when they're not wrong, they're just different.

Not sure if I'm actually killing this conference for you with this explanation, if I am I do apologize!

I must say it was the most amazing conference ever though and I would highly recommend people to either try and attend one or get the video or read the book!

Here's a link

The conference finished Saturday like at 1:30 and we went straight to the hotel had some yummy lunch, napped, then room service dinner  and a movie all cuddled up in bed! :)
You all should watch Fantastic Mr. Fox :) Not sure how much of a kid movie it was though, but we sure liked it!

Sunday morning, VALENTINES DAY, I just couldn't sleep any longer. For some reason it felt like Christmas morning and the sudden urge to JUMP ON THE BED hit me, to which Alex groaned and asked if he could sleep a little longer. "Of course my dear, I'm just going to set up your presents" I replied.

I littered the floor with happy bunny valentines cards, hid his presents under the covers (Some MAG and Matisyahu CD & DVD) and then laid his MAN chocolate box over the covers with a sweet handwritten note on the night table. Presents what? Who can hold the urge of not wanting to find out! So ...he got up and found all his goodies rather quickly :)

Then he ran down to the car to surprise me with my goodies! :)

He's so thoughtful..putting in all the things I love together. 
He knows I absolutely love animals hence the doggy and I love cupcakes, hence the doggies cupcake home, and SKELEANIMALS!!!! he didn't know that but subconsciously I think he did ;)
and of course...WOW! lol

We drove back home shortly after and lounged around the house all day. We played some checkers and he attempted to teach me chess, but pretty much, he played against himself. I bought him Halo Wars which is a Halo lego piece set where you get to build tanks, which I think is pretty sweet, and he used to love legos, soo.....I am totally into the idea of staying a kid forever and doing those things that made you the we built halo legos!! Actually, he built, and I found the pieces he needed and seperated them for him :)

It was something like this but way cooler and more intricate! and it was actual army men..just couldn't find a good enough picture.

After I cooked him his favorite meal, curry chicken by a candlelight.

We had a great Valentines Day together just relaxing and spending quality time with one another.
oh..he even helped me bake :)

So why all the ramble. Pardon me if in my writing you see an unflow of thought and words. I am brain fried at the moment. It's on mental overload and I can't seem to process anything through normally...have more of a dazed look on my face like I have no idea what is going on!

so please forgive me.

Anyways, a friend of mine showed me Kandee's blogpost yesterday and I honestly think ALL of you should read it! It spoke a lot to her and it spoke so much to my heart!!! I decided I was going to write everything she said on my mirror and tell myself every morning!!
I hope you guys find it just as encouraging!!

Kandee's Blog

I hope you guys have a lovely day!! I apologize for not being able to comment you all lately, I've been so busy, Hopefully after next week, things will get back to normal!!

Sending you lots of love!!


  1. loving this freaking post and those pics. lol.


  2. aaw thts so cute (:
    glad u had aloot of fun..


  3. Sounds like such a lovely weekend!!! Good for you!!!!!
    That post you linked to is soooo incredibly wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing it!!!

  4. What a fantastic weekend! I'm going to go check out the link to the Conference. It sounded amazing! And I love new blogs, so headed there as well! Have a great Wednesday!

  5. Lex, I missed you, I was thinking about you this morning! sounds like you had a yummy valentines! big love to you!!!!

  6. i love skeleanimals and ur hubby was so thoughtful ^^

  7. yay for the westin!! haha... that's awesome about the couples conference. how cool that they hooked you up with that! i'm all about things like that. chris and i are going to do this online thingie about relationships. i love feeling like we are growing and getting "smarter" about life and ourselves and relationships.
    glad you had a fun weekend. love the cupcake puppy stuffed animal :)

  8. I'm so glad you are posting again! I've missed reading it! (I posted a giveaway if your interested.)

  9. I'm so glad to hear/see that you guys had a great valentines. I love that you guys got that conference as a gift (such a cute idea!) I will definitely check out the link!!

    I have been dying to get Tito that lego set lol =)

  10. aww thanks guys for your comments! They make me smile :)

    dasha: they have those legos in target :) They have a bunch of different halo one's. They're fun to build together! and have to see the conference. They have one next weekend in orlando ;)
    if not I can burn you a DVD. Let me know.

    Justine: I'm heading right over to check out that giveaway!

    Laura: Omg I miss you soooooo much!!! You have no idea! I hope you're doing good!! I'm so excited about everything God has been blessing you with lately! IN A MAGAZINE!!!! He has given you amazing talents and the best part is that you use them!! Continue to bless people with bits of beauty!

    I hope you guys enjoy the link!! Let me know if you're interested in the dvd's I might be able to try and send it. I highly recommend it for anyone married, single, dating. :)

  11. craig and i went to this conference, and while i'd heard a lot of it before, i thought it was still good :).

    glad you guys had a fun valentine's and fun at the conference!