Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hair change?

There comes a point in every girls life, in mine more often than not, that you need a change. It's like an itch. Perhaps it's part of trying to feel pretty or different.

Well, I was watching Enchanted the other day and noticed I really like her hair color.
and I pretty much want it :)

I'm not really sure how it would look on me so I needed some outside perspective.
Should I go for it or look for a different color??

I thank you ahead of time for your help! 


  1. i think you could pull it off, you could change your makeup to go with it too, like greens! maybe do it gradually?

  2. you have beautiful long hair and I think red would really flatter your skin tone. I say go for it!

  3. i don't know?! in your profile pick the dark hair looks so pretty! Maybe you should try a slightly darker red than the girl from enchanted has...

  4. i say go for it!! i love your dark hair by i think you would look so cute with strawberry blonde hair!! adorable!!

  5. You can always try and it and see how you like it, My friend just went red and hated but the thing is Dye comes out, and actually a quick fix if you dyed your hair and it turned out horrible is to put Mayonnaise in it and it washes the color out, My mom wanted to dye her hair back to her Natural red and turned out looking like the little mermaid and used Mayonnaise to get it out!

  6. o0o0o yes change up with it would be nice! lol

    starcakeastrology: like what kinda red would you think?

    I really do want to try it this color hahah

    Kelly: wow..mayonnaise?? what is it about mayonnaise that gets the color out? that's crazy!!

    thank you guys for your input and help!!

  7. yes you should defntly go for it (: it would go with you. love you hun and miss you.


  8. My love!! I say go for it! You never know how it'll look until you try. Let me know if you do it, maybe I can go with you :O)


  9. I want a change too, and i think you will be so pretty any way!

  10. YEAH TRY
    I love giselle's hair the way she puts so many flowers and ribbons in it!! <3

  11. Oh my gosh I love it! you should sooooo do it.

  12. i think you should do it! if you hate it, you can always dye over it!

  13. Totally! The world needs more redheads!

  14. i love the hair colour y not try semi permenant to see how it looks first :3

  15. maybe not too bright but I LOVE THE REDS

  16. I don't know . . red works for some and not for others so if you try it we can see what we think of it. This is what my hair colour is but I have redhead brothers. . so I knew it would work for me. Otherwise I have light brown hair. I think it would be hard to get this colour exact if you have such dark hair naturally.

  17. Try it...why not? If you don't like it you can change it back easily. =)

  18. thanks i had so much fun (challenges) dying it myself!
    so are you going to do this red? i thought about a natural red color too. you should try can always dye over it. i say do it!
    hope you have a fun weekend...i love inside bumming around :)
    OH..i think i'm getting a tattoo tomorrow, i forgot to say that in my post. a little one that says "of the stars" eeek! =]

  19. i love your hair as-is, but it's not a far cry from the color you've got now (the same tones), so i bet you could pull it off. you'll be beautiful no matter what, so you should just go for it!

  20. oooh I love her hair too! and she's so cute in that movie :)

    I say go for it. then take lots of pictures and show us all how you look :D

    It's really a gorgeous color I bet you are going to look fantastic!

    How have you been doing Lexie??? I've missed your blog so much!! :D how's your baby piggy??

    Math boot camp ended but being a full time student took it's place and once again I've been bombarded in loads of homework:(


  21. I've always wanted red hair!
    I say go for it!

  22. Go for it, You can always dye it back. And judging by your photos, I think you can pull it off, and otherwise you can always do a red thats a bit deeper with strawberry blonde highlights.

  23. It would look gorgeous on you!! It fits so good your skin colour.
    I can't wait to see it!!
    Love you awesome!!

  24. Sis, your beautiful in any type of hair color <3

  25. Long time no see miss :D
    Well you ahve two choices :
    either you just go for it and risk the fact that you may end in front of your mirror crying and painting your hair with markers or you can just paint them before you do anything on photoshop! :D

    if you don't know how to use photoshop just email me and tell me exactly what color you want :D
    (you'll find my email @my blog or just comment me asking for it :D )

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