Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Very First Giveaway!

As I've been mentioning in other posts I've had a giveaway in mind for the past two months! The gifts have sat at the entrance for about 2 months now, but I've been waiting for the "right" time.

Right time meaning when I can make it as good/pretty as I wanted to. Well, It's about time I do it already!!
ps. sorry about picture quality

What's this giveaway about?

I wanted to make this giveaway a little different. I wanted this to be a giveaway where everyone's a winner. I know what you're thinking..Um..You're a newlywed, how can you give something to everyone?? you're not exactly well off. Yes you're right. Only one person will receive a material gift, but everyone will receive a gift that is far greater than any material gift may be. 

I'm lost here Lex, please explain.

Yes, my dears, I shall explain.

               The theme of this giveaway: A Random Act of Kindness.

Okay, so the point of the giveaway is within these next 2 1/2 weeks, anyone who wishes to enter must find at least one person, to do a random act of kindness to. Just to help brighten their day and turn their day around. You can do it to as many people as you wish! One is the minimum. Then you can either leave me a comment telling me about your experience, what you did, how the people reacted, and how you felt after. Bonus points if you write a blog post on your experience and link it back to this giveaway, as well leave me a comment letting me know you posted so I can go check it out. For those of you who have a youtube account, feel free to make a video about your experience and put it as a video response to my video on this giveaway.

Rules are you must be a follower to my blog or subscriber to the youtube channel.If you're both, GREAT! ^_^ comments, posts, videos must be entered no later than February 21, 2010.

There are so many hurting, lonely, people, who's whole day can be changed by one simple Random Act of Kindness. Too often we get so caught up in our busy lives to see all the difference we can make!

I really hope you guys do this giveaway! The goodies might not even be all the best, but the blessings you'll receive by seeing a lit up face has no price to it. The funny thing is that you get blessed in return.

I hope you join the giveaway where everyone's a winner!

2 Cupcake Boxes

I tried to find a list that would explain a Random Act of Kindness for anyone who didn't know. Instead I find this great example,

"We were in a restaurant and I noticed an elderly couple with a helium balloon tied to their table. When I asked them what the occasion was they told me it was their 50th wedding anniversary. I was glad and sad for them. Glad, because they still cherished each other. Sad, because they were all on their own. No family, no friends. As I went back to our table I thought that I should pay their bill. I tried to do it anonymously, but the restaurant manager was curious: what is this, who are they to you, who are you, why are you doing this? Finally, I told them I was a church pastor and felt prompted to do it. The elderly couple were stunned speechless at the counter when told a total stranger had paid their bill. They were nearly in tears. We were all nearly in tears: the couple, the manager, the waitresses, and me. Two months later I got a call. “Have you got the latest Woman’s Weekly?” “No, I only read the Man’s!” I said. Deb, who was with us in the restaurant, rang to tell me that my simple act of kindness was reported to the magazine (from memory, it was either the restaurant manager or the elderly couple). I wasn’t expecting anything in return, but that $44 or so random act of kindness touched the hearts of thousands. Imagine what would and could happen if we all practice random acts of kindness on family, friends, neighbors and strangers even for the next 30 days? Firstly, it will do something beautiful on the inside of you. And you never know what it will do to others. Go on, do something special, be creative and make someone’s day! I’d love to hear your story. Be blessed as you bless others in kindness."                                    Source

Imagine if we all pitched in, each of us just one person! I have 210 followers right now..If each person did this, there would be 210 people who's day would be brighter and filled with love.

Please spread the news of this giveaway by Tweeting this giveaway!

Ps. If you want to see the items better check out the video.

<3 Lex

ps. there may be some surprise throwins into the mix ;)


  1. Um, can I just say how much I love this contest?! I can't wait to find that one perfect stranger to help out... I'll be in touch to discuss how it goes.

    Oh, and you have quite possibly the prettiest shade of hair I've ever seen! :)

  2. Awesome Lexie!!! I'll look for someone that I could help. Probably I won't enter the giveaway but anyway, it's an amazingly good concept.
    Congrats on this awesome giveaway!!!
    Much love and blessings!!

  3. great giveaway love. Its such a sweet one. I just love you.

  4. By the way, you and alex look so sweet together!! He looks at you with love eyes :D
    Have an awesome day Lexie!!

  5. awww, i love this concept!!! i can't see the video tho for some reason :(

  6. Lex, you're the best, the queen, at doing random acts of kindness. :)

  7. yay! This is such a cute idea! =)

  8. defntly entering cant wait.


  9. oh fun!!! i love giveaways!!!

    but those photos below...the pigs?!?! oh my gosh!! makes me want a little babe of my own!!

  10. Yay!! Now I can enter the giveaway... I saw this girl the other day in the bus stop and she looked pretty bitter and sad, but she was really beautiful, so I told her how nice she looked and left her with a smile on her face, which made me get a smile on mine :) I hope I made her day! She made mine!
    Much love Lexie!!

  11. you are so pretty and without makeup! i love seeing people without makeup its my favorite look. and your hair is beautiful!
    you have a big heart and im glad you are doing this! i love blessing people its the best feeling ever:)
    i hope you have a great night and thankyou for being our blog friend:)