Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love is in the Air

So with the constant reminder that Valentines day is near, why not give in and make a post about Valentines?


There's something about the feeling that love is in the air. The smiles on each others faces, butterflies in each others tummies, just the fact that someone's near.

On the other side, as a single often times, we look around at all the couples around us and begin to hate the hallmark day of Valentines where we're reminded we're alone. (I'm speaking from a past point of view) but that's not how it has to be. 

For those who are single, I hope you have an amazing valentines day with your friends! I hope you girls get each other pretty valentines cards and even flowers! go out to dinner or watch a movie!  Valentines doesn't just have to be a day where you show a significant other that you love them, but where you can show a dear friend how much you love and care for them too! 

Those were some great Valentines! 

If you've got a loved one. Do something to let them know how much you care.
Girls, I know that we're the big romantics, but that doesn't mean that guys don't like being romanced either. 

So here are some ideas:

  • Decorate his house with hearts, bows and ribbons. 
  • Cook a dinner for two and decorate the room with heart-shaped candles. 
  • A romantic note asking him/her to be your valentine.  
  • Make your own Valentine's Day card which expresses your feelings. 
  • Create a scrapbook 'recollection collection' and fill it with love letters, photographs, cherished mementos, etc.  
  • Plan a special dinner for him either in a garden or a boat. A candle light dinner is just unforgettable. 
  • Prepare some nice valentines cookie recipe in the shape of heart and I'm sure your partner will love it.
  • Leave notes around the house..each one with a reason you love them, each one with a clue of where he can find the next.
  • If you buy balloons, write 1 reason why you love them on each balloon.
buy them a video game and wrap it in something valentinesy! (at the end, they're boys! and video games will always rule!)

ps. not all ideas were mine..for more go here.

I hope this Valentines is the best Valentine's you've had yet! That you're surrounded with love and that you spread the love!


Since this is the holiday of love, I cannot finish this post without speaking of the GREATEST love of all!! 

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.     1 John 3:16

I know you've all probably heard this verse and know it so well it has just become words, but please picture this with me. Imagine if you had one child, ONE! For those who can't picture having a child, imagine you're most treasured person, now, imagine sacrificing, that most treasured, loved person,to die on a painful cross for people who betrayed you and mocked you! Sure we might love people enough to die for our family and very close friends...but for enemies?!! We can't even imagine a love like that.

I hope you all know, that you have a God that loves you far greater than you can ever comprehend!! You're not alone, You're never alone!

Happy Valentines Beautifuls!
<3 Lex

Spread the word and love!


  1. Love it all!!! You've been missed lately, girl!!! xo

  2. i needed this post..thank you so much..especially the part at the end about God loving us far more than we can comprehend. i needed to hear that. thank you!! hope you have a great day lovely girl! love you!

  3. GOD IS AMAZING! so is this post!
    thank you!
    xo B
    hearts, love, candy!!! vday is fun and jacob and i will love our single friends and make dinner for them! xo everyone deserves LOVE!
    check out photographers we are featuring today...super fun post

  4. Aww Jamie yay! I'm so sorry I haven't been on much! I've been sooooooo busy with school!! Hopefully after this one class it won't be so bad!!

    And Chloe! I'm sooo glad that it's exactly what you needed!! It's funny how God does that! He knows exactly what we need to hear and He always comes through!

    and Naka thanks!!

  5. i so so so LOVE that you put in John 3:16...makes me beam!!! you rock lady!!

  6. B: I am definitely going to go check those out now!

    Brooke: :) I'm glad it made you beam!

    Rasha: Thanks!

  7. I'll be spending Valentines Day coordinating a wedding... love weddings.

    Saturday I'll be with my Uth Nation girls having lunch and then hitting the movies to watch Valentines Day.

    God always knows how to fill my schedule every year. lol

  8. aaaw great things to do. might take ur advice (: love you hun


  9. Le boyf and I haven't decided yet whether we're going to stay in our hometown (Miami) or venture up to Orlando for the weekend (Disney World has a special, 4 parks for $100, which is pretty sweet). Whatever we do, I will be a happy camper because it is a LONG WEEKEND. *cue chorus of angels*

    I hope you guys have a great weekend!

  10. Cute post! And I have been decorating! :)

  11. Aww, I love this post and all the cute pictures!

  12. hi lex! hope you and your man had a great valentines day! this post (like all your posts!) was adorable. :)

  13. oh no way! what a coincidence! YES the beds were amazing!!! omg, i just wanted to lay in bed and have room service after room service! haha... but yeah, ridiculous high prices. we both just got paid, so we splurged. prob a little too much,...oh well! i do need to see that movie, it's on my netflix...i didn't even realize it came out yet. anywho...i'm such a novel writer! glad you had a nice valentines day as well! oh, a tutorial? i have no idea how to make a video..haha....i'm so tech-challenged. maybe i'll figure it out someday. thanks for the compliments :) xo!

  14. such cute ideas! hope your valentines day was fantastic!