Friday, March 5, 2010

For anyone who knows E.D.

I highly recommend anyone who struggles with self-image or an eating disorder, or knows someone who does to just watch this video.

There is a site called iamsecond which my husband showed me yesterday with just amazing stories of people's lives whom have hit rock bottom but have been able to overcome. There's one with the guy from Korn, one with Jason Castro (the dreadlocks guy that had been on american idol a few years back). I recommend you all after watching this to go to and watch as many as you can. Simply moving. if not youtube iamsecond and they have a channel there as well. Whichever is easiest for you.


actually I'll put the Korn guy here for you. but go check out the other vids!



  1. I watched some of the videos and they're... I actually have no words. They just struggled so much...
    Thank God for helping them. And for helping the rest of us too...

  2. wow those are powerful... the second one especially made me teary eyed. we all have so many struggles and we all want to be saved....i really relate to that feeling. thank you for sharing!

  3. These are really neat. Brian Welsh "Head" (from Korn), lives right by this cafe that I worked at, and he used to always go get his mail at the this place in the plaza and then bring his daughter for food. He is a really sweet man.. He seems totally different from how his was in Korn.
    "God used her to save me, to save her later on." That is pretty powerful.
    Thank you for these!

  4. Ok so I went to write you a message on your facebook & you deleted it =( & for some reason I can't email you through here & I dont have your how can I get a hold of you? lol


  5. Those videos are so powerful. Thank you so much for sharing. The first one is just perfect timing right now. I have a friend who's recovering and this will be perfect to share with her.

    Thanks again for sharing and always being so honest on your blog.

  6. these are great videos thanks for posting them up (:


  7. Aw, great post! I love your blog! (I can't seem to get your button to work on mine though...) I'll keep trying. Oh and my birthday is March 29th.

  8. My husband goes to that site constantly. He loves all the stories. I have heard some of them (like Brian "head" Welsch's story) and think it's wonderful. May the Lord be able to touch and guide the hearts of many through these people.

  9. I have tagged you in my blog for the beautiful blogger award. x

  10. Thankyou so much for sharing these. I teared up listening to both of them. I couldnt believe it. Wow. You have a lovely blog!