Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just a little something.

Hello lovely ladies!!

I'm sorry I haven't written much. First I've been uber loaded with schoolwork. Second, I haven't had much to say. I've just been dealing with a lot internally.  Anything I had to say right now would probably just sound dramatic or negative, so I'll just leave you with a post of cute pictures. I would like to ask for your prayers though, I definitely need them right now. Thanks girls :)

1. Something I need to remind myself.

2. Something I hope I can say someday.

3. Something I would want.

4. Something I watch that makes me happy.

5. Something that makes me feel warm.

6. Something pretty that I desire.

7. Something I wish I could eat right now.

Well I think this is enough for now. What are your somethings?


  1. i agree with that ring! saw it on tumblr and fell in loooove

  2. Ohhh gorgeous!! You know you can count on me anytime.
    That strange furniture is so cute!! I want it to. And the Circus ring.
    Have a lovely day Lexie!!
    Much love, a big hug and blessings!!
    And I'll keep you in my prayers, of course.

  3. i'm definitely praying for you! like i've said before you're an incredibly strong person and will triumphantly overcome any and all trials that arise.

    i'll email you soon.

    take care hun!

  4. Consider yourself prayed for girlie! =)

    LOVE that circus ring & Elf is one of my favorite movies!! LOL


  5. i want that shelf too ^^ i would paint a massive black hole near it :p

    i love ur blog it always make me see there is more too life :3

  6. ooooh i love this. sososososo much!

  7. hey girl, just want you to know you can email me if you want... violet_bella @

    love you.

  8. ^ yes, if you need someone to talk to that is going through stuff too, you could definitely email me!

    have you tried yoga before? i started it about two months ago, and it seems like everything has been falling into place since. Just with having clarity of what i want and need to do, and who I am...
    it may sound cheesy, but it was worth it.

    (i love that bookcase)

    <3 hang in there beautiful.

  9. something i want to do?

    travel to italy.

    i feel ya girl. sending you hugs and happiness.

  10. Oh my goodness I am in love with that ring, any idea where its from?

    And something I want, that ring and some yummy sushi

  11. That shelf. OMG and the ring?!

  12. Elf! I love that movie, cracks me up every time I watch it!

    How cool is that shelf, I now need one! :)

  13. I love that ring and that shelf! I hope you are doing alright..

  14. cute post! i need to remind myself about #1 all the time :)

  15. THAT is an amazing ring! omg! where can we get it? and that shelf? ugh, i neeeeeed to have it!
    i hope you're doing fine. lets all hope for better days to come. amen.
    i wish i could love my body more too.

  16. I found them on weheartit. so not sure who sells it :( I wish I knew!! Cause it's sooooo adorable!!
    Glad you guys liked it too!! We should all collect it and it can be our around the world friendship ring :) yes I know I'm lame but hey lol