Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Mail and a Pooptastical Happening!

So I'm the type of person that prefers to hear the bad news first and end on the good news, so that's how this post will go as well.

So this morning when I get to work and as I'm sitting in my desk, I smell this horrid smell, I continued to smell around and I think to myself, is that poop? Could someone have left a dirty diaper somewhere laying around? I asked my husband to sit at my desk and see if he could smell it to, it could be me just going crazy, smelling something thats not there. But he smelled it to. ok so I'm not crazy, now what the heck is it and where is it? Around 9:30am we have our staff meeting so I just figured I'd attend to it later.

An hour into that meeting I smell the poop again. Oh no! Did I touch something with it that now it's on me?! This smell is haunting me. Mind you I was not feeling well this morning. I felt a tad nauseous so this smell did not help.

I go back to my desk and all of a sudden there is that smell again. At this point I thought, let me check the bottom of my sandals. At this point my sandals are tucked underneath me. I lift my skirt to see, and there it is! The culprit! The poop that had attached itself to me! I had been walking around with dog poop on my shoe all day long! Not only was it on my sandal, but now it was on my brown skirt that had just been nicely washed before.

Normally, that may have gotten me a tad annoyed. grrr....but this time I just had to laugh. on to GOOD NEWS!!

Jamie from Inspired Mess had a giveaway and I was one of the Mini-Giveaway winners! YIPPEE!!!
And omg! I opened my mailbox today grabbed the package ripped it open and found my sweet ol' goodies that just made me SMILE!

Look at all her sweetness!! Thank you Jamie! You're the best!! I absolutely adore you!
Thank you for all of this wonderfulness!! You made my poopy day all better!!!!!! :)

You all should go visit her page if you haven't, which I'm sure you've all been there, but just in case! ^_^


  1. What a sweet package to recieve, and on the perfect day too! I love when that happens. :]
    So much better than opening the mailbox and finding bills.

  2. awh cute frame and the poop would make me cry XD

    thanks for visintg ^^ maybe i can see how the tutorial goes for u and see photos :3 ^^

  3. I have a poop on the bottom of my shoes experience in fifth grade... I have never forgotten. The teacher did a shoe check because the smell was killing everyone. LOL

  4. oh man...poop!! it's gets ya!!
    Happened to me n the car...I was not happy.
    Yea for being a winner tho...woot!
    totally cute package!

  5. oh man i am so sorry that happened! but so happy that you could get a good laugh out of it :) it will make a funny story for years to come! and you telling me about going to work and having your husband come and see if he could smell it, and then having staff meeting? reminded me of sean and i! we work together (well for the same company, he is just in an office on the other side of the parking lot) and have staff meetings together, and i totally would have made him come smell it!

    anyway, lovely package that you received! i love getting those over stupid ads and bills..wahoo!

  6. Yay! I'm so glad you received your package on the perfect counter the poop. ;) I'm glad you laughed about it! I hope you have a fabulous day today with NO POOP!!!! xoxo

  7. congrats hun and thanks for the comment love everything so cute. and funny about the dog poop. happnd to me too.