Friday, April 9, 2010

New hair every day.

Do you ever just get sudden urges? This morning I woke up thinking about teacup chihuahuas and now I've found myself just wanting wigs!! Oh the fun of changing up one's hair according to your mood without the damaging consequences to one's hair! Here are some I wish I had.

I love this color and think it would be so much fun to dress up in! :) but I'd never be bold enough to transform my whole head into this shade! 

                                                Because I've always wanted blue hair.
                                                 Because I love UBER long hair and curls!!
                                             Because I would love to try this FIRE red!
because the length excites me, I've always wanted know what I'd look like blonde and because I've always wanted hair like the girl from Tristan and Isolde!!

I could go on..but really I must stop!!

but but I want them sooo much!! /tear


  1. Oh man, that would be too fun! Wear something new/crazy every day.
    I always wanna change my hair up, and get super bored with it.. but then miss it as soon as I change it.

  2. I always want to change mine up too!

  3. Neat post! I wish I could rock bangs like Zooey Deschanel, but alas, I have wispy, do-nothing hair that refuses to rock. Boo.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  4. love all of them.. have a great weeknd.


  5. i've been in need of a new do myself! i wouldn't be bold enough to try these colors tho =/ have a great one!

  6. omg i want blue hair too ^^

  7. UGH! I would love to just wear wigs every time I felt like having hot pink hair. Man it would be amazing to have a wig collection much like a hat collection. Love it.

    ps I have not forgotten about the story thing.. (I've been so busy with this move) Are you even still interested? Let me know!!

  8. I really like my hair, but I often wonder what I would look like with something different. Wigs are perfect, because you can always change them!