Friday, April 16, 2010

For the Love of Music

One of the things I love about music is the instant connection there is between one's heart and the words. All the words locked up I cannot put to words someone else has been able to so perfectly put together, and all of a sudden, it feels as though someone else shares my heart, my hurts, my pains, my joys, my quirkiness, my anger, my fear, my craziness. You name it, someone else has written about it. And all of a sudden, there's a bond that is made with that artist. Although you've never met, when you sing along to the words there is some special connection, the artist has no idea they've made but all of a sudden you see them differently.

So many songs have touched me but my latest obsession is Alison Sudol from A Fine Frenzy!

I've loved her since I first heard of her and each of her songs touches at least one part of my heart. A few years back that connection was Almost Lover, so much I did the cover of it I showed you guys in this post. Lately the song I seem to keep on repeat is The Beacon.
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For some reason, I relate to the person she's talking about and it's the whole role the two play in each others love. The care and love she feels for that person. While the person doesn't feel good enough. I don't know but that song just puts me in that place every time.

I'm actually trying to learn it to do a cover :)
I can't find instrumentals anywhere nor piano tutorials, so I'm going to try and learn it on guitar.

So I guess that's the song for my mellow mood.

but my gosh her other songs!! I love blow away, there's something so playful about her upbeat songs. I've always lived in this imaginary world and when I express things usually it's exaplained in these weird visuals and sometimes listening to her songs makes me feel like I'm not alone in that, in all actuality I see the beauty in it.

ok so now I'm babbling, all about one person! but you see it's not just her music I like.
I love the fact she's modest! Her style is absolutely adorable without revealing anything. Her face is that of sincerity and when she smiles it's like everything's okay. I know it sounds a tad lame me saying that but it's like the pureness of a child's smile.

Ps. I totally wish I had those dimples!

Ok so I'm slightly obsessed but how can I not be? Looking at her reminds me of that childlike happiness and imagination that I miss so much.

She may have no idea but there's a strong connection to her music that has been as if her very arms have embraced my heart.

I'm sure you've all heard of her, if you haven't check her out.

I just wanted to share my latest obsession/connection.

Hope you're all doing wonderful!!


  1. I love her! Her music is amazing.

  2. hi lex! i'm doing are you? i've been sucking at the blog thing lately :)
    i have some exciting news, i might participate in the gift giving suite for the mtv movie awards. i just talked to the is so expensive to do it. but the exposure for my jewelry line would be amazing!!! i think i might do a donation thing on my blog. i don't know yet....i just got off the phone with her, i'm pumped!
    what is new with you? i have heard of a fine frenzy but somehow dont know her music. i'm going to check it out. she's so pretty! i love her hair.
    how's your red doing? i just added red adn purple to my bangs. kinda fun.
    ok, i'm totally rambling now! hope you have a great weekend!!!

  3. i love her hair and i never new u played guitar

  4. i feel the same connection with her, and also with Almost Lover at a certain point in my life, and even now, way later, i can hear that song and instantly be put back in time with those specific memories. it just hit my heart strings in such a deep and profound way. she is an absolute doll.

  5. I'm gonna check her out for sure. I love her vintage fashion look - super cute.

  6. As we speak I am listening to Near To You. ;)

    I love love LOVE Alison Sudol, I feel so connected to so many of her songs. She's so lovely and talented as well!! And don't even get me started on her amazing red hair. *swoon* She's been a girl crush of mine for quite some time.

  7. Hi Dear! Oh that red hair is amazing!! I love my brown hair but if i were to change, I'd want her hair! So, so, so pretty.

  8. Oh, I love A Fine Frenzy! And if I was brave (which I'm not), I'd dye my hair that color, too. Just gorgeous.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  9. she is beautiful and so r u cant wait for the cover and because of u i found out about a fine frenzy the song im in love right now with is whisper..really touching.have a great weeknd hun.


  10. Listening to her now for the first time- beautiful. Thank you for introducing me to this lovely artist!

  11. Coming to this late, I know, but I like this post. I haven't listened to Fine Frenzy yet, though I mean to since everyone seems to be talking of them.
    But I agree with you- I like the way she looks! And also...she's got that round kinda face like me, and that makes me happy too, ha ha.
    Thanks for posting about her!