Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh to live on childhood dreams and make believe.

Oh how I miss the carefree days of our youth that seemed to pass so quickly.
Days of make believe. Where snapping on a pair of fins were as easy as a
dash of fairy dust. Where daily visits to places no one else has seen were free
and our escape was as simple as our imagination. Oh imagination, the freer
of reality, fighting off boredom with the swords of kings, off to conquer over pain.

But is imagination really all that far away or is there still a place in all of us that secretly still
longs to be a mermaid or wishes unicorns were real? I pray those dreams never fade being pushed out
by life's demand, may we all carry along somewhere our childhood dreams and fantasies.

The top right picture is from pinkytoast you can check her out on flickr and
and the bottom right picture of the mermaid was made by you can also visit her blog at

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