Monday, November 30, 2009

Pursuing Forgotten Passions

Through out our lives many passions  are birthed and several die away.
When we are young we dream of being mermaids, princesses, first woman president, first woman to land on the moon, a singer, a movie star, someone that impacts the world, leaving their mark behind when they pass.  There is an age when our childhood passions seem to pass away, not for everyone, but for the majority. It's the moment we stop believing in the unimaginable and allow "reality" to sink in, the moment we give in to society, and stop believing in ourselves.
I remember having so many passions and so many dreams!
At the age of 3 I had a passion for singing. Growing up I would spend hours locked away in my room singing along to people like Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera (1st album). I would play over and over until I could hit each note.
I lived to sing. Slowly, after college that passion has died away.  I haven't sang for almost a year now, but it's something I've been thinking about a lot lately. I'm sad that I've lost many of my passions, it feels as though a part of me has died.

Okay so why am I boring you guys with all this, well I guess it's because I want to tell you that I want to find those passions again! And by telling you guys this, I am held accountable.

What passions have you let go of??

I'm kind of embarrassed to put this up here so try not to be too mean, this is a cover of A Fine Frenzy's Almost Lover I did probably 2 or 3 years ago.

What passions have you let go of??
I ask you guys to join me on this journey of finding  a passion we let go of, and encouraging each other to pursue them.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Ahh your voice is beautiful!!
    it has a touch of Christina :)
    You should definitely start singing again

  2. ummmmm.... pretty sure i think you are even more amazing now than i already did. your voice is absolutely gorgeous and i love love love that's for sure one of my faves. so glad you're going to be brave and start pursuing your passions again. it's so easy to let them get away from you.

    i'm not really sure what passions i would start pursuing again.... i used to sing church, but now that i go to a bigger church it's a little scary. that, plus the fact that my voice isn't near the calibur of yours. amazing!

    i may have to give this some more thought....see what i can come up with :).

    thank you so much for sharing this. you are a truly beautiful and talented woman.

  3. *Sigh* I miss hearing your voice...

  4. okay, im speechless. i hope you realize how good you are. your voice is soulful and big, with the perfect touch of raspiness and wonderful tone. i was just listening to this song earlier today, a great pick for your voice! i am so glad to know that you are wanted to not let it go. i think we all have these certain talents in this world, but the key is allowing ourselves to believe in them. that is the hardest part sometimes, no matter how many people tell you how amazing you are, you have to feel it within yourself. go for it girl! you are amazing! my husband was listening from the other room and wouldnt beleive me that it wasnt a fine frenzy! so there you go!

    my lost passions would be...painting, and making real art, instead of just jewelry and things. sometimes i feel ive crossed the lines of being able to call myself an artist, to just being a crafter. but i should let go of all titles, they are silly anyway. i just do what i do!

    thanks for posting, so encouraging!

    oh wait, my other big lost passion would be playing the drums! i loved it, but dont have a set anymore, and even if i was around a set i would be too embarrassed to sit down and play. i love to pick it back up again!

  5. wow Lex! you have a really amazing voice. it sounds like it just rolls off your tongue...making it sound so easy to sing so well! you can definitely tell that you have a lot of passion and soul for singing. thanks for sharing.

    i'd have to say that my lost passion was crafting. i was always crafty growing up. then, when i started working like a "grown up" and moved away from home, i lost that passion. a couple of years ago when i started crafting again, i remember how much i had missed it.

    i think as long as you are so passionate after something, it never just goes away. yea, it might take a back seat here and there, but it will definitely come back.

    go with it Lex! you've got it!

  6. OMG, ITS SO GOOD!!!
    I'm so jealous, I can't sing for my life.

    Oh, blog sister teach me your ways

  7. oh my GOSHH. you sound amazing!!
    get it, girll!

    I'm very musical and all throughout high school, I played percussion, but once I graduated it kinda slipped awayy. I miss it :/

  8. thank you guys!

    laura:man I would love to see your paintings! Why don't you start again! although I must say you make BEAUTIFUL jewelry! I showed my hubby the one I bought and he thought they were amazing!
    Hmm...why don't you get the drum set that you can use head phones with? That must be awesome! drums!
    If you ever get back into it let me know cause I would love to hear it!

    Jennifer: get back that love for percussion :D It hasn't gone too far away :D

    Elizabeth: I love you and thank you!

    Pang: You are so right!And look at you! You found your passion again and now your selling your AMAZING creations!! You are definitely a source of inspiration!

    Lauren: I definitely understand the being nervous to sing part. I would love to hear your voice though. I'm sure it's beautiful! get back to me when you figure out your forgotten passions :D maybe we can help motivate you to pursue them again! they were passions once for a reason!

    Felicia: Thank you so much! You are always filled with words of encouragement!

    During Winter: I love you and I miss you!

  9. thank you for the comment. you are beauuuutiful!

    you have a beautiful voice! i too used to sing, i miss it as well. my boyfriend is a musician, and sometimes we do little 'jam sessions' and we record them, but i never felt comfortable sharing them. i think you have inspired me to do it now. we'll see

    i really enjoy your blog, we have a lot in common<3

  10. I used to have grand ambitions of writing a childrens' book. At the moment I'm busy making and selling calendars on my blog, but maybe someday!

  11. Sarah Von: maybe we can write one together! lol
    I'm gonna go check out your calendars.

  12. You have such a beautiful voice. You should really get back into singing, I love to sing and I know how wonderful it feels when doing so.

    I have let go of a couple of my passions, for lack of time and supplies. I used to play bass guitar and I would love to start again, I also used to design clothing all the time. I haven't been painting or drawing much either. Even my photography is starting to die out. I guess building a house comes first...

  13. that is you singing?!?! wow, your voice is beautiful! that was perfect....seems like singing comes quite naturally to you. i can't imagine having a voice like that..i cannot sing AT ALL. i wish i could. i hope you get into it again, i know people would love to hear you sing.

    i have also let go of a lot of passions. it makes me sad too. for me, fear gets the best of me. i'm working on it tho!

  14. Thank you for writing this - it really resonated with me. One passion that I really let go of was playing the piano. I was classically trained all through high school, but then I had one bad performance experience, and I quit my lessons. I still play the piano at church, but all I play there are easy hymns, and I miss sitting down with a challenging piece, and diving into it and picking it apart, and then performing it for people.