Thursday, November 5, 2009

The continuation of a Cupcake Extravaganza!!!

Hello fellow bloggers!!!

So any of you who have seen my cupcake videos know how messy I am and well I guess unprofessional,
but the pics you're about to see should be able to give anyone hope!! :D
My friend Bri from During Winter and I got together for some girly time baking!
and this is what we came up with :D (Keep in mind we're a bunch of noobs)

These are the little owls I showed you before :D We did it! Send in yours!!
So we didn't have a lot of time..but with a batch of cupcake mix, some yummy frosting, a bit of food coloring and our ziploc bags, we were off to our new addiction.

I hope these pictures can be a bit of inspiration to any new beginners who are afraid to make mistakes. Make mistakes, beauty is made through them.

Visit Bri's page: