Thursday, November 26, 2009

Solotica Hirocor Ice Once More!

Hi guys, I've had several people interested in the Solotica Hidrocor Ice so I attempted another video, don't think the quality is all that grand, and I took some pictures. As well, I'm going to try and make a video focused more on eyes, with one contact in and one without. Perhaps it will make the comparison easier :D

so I've got a theory, if you come out ugly while making a funny face, it's okay cause it was your intention ;) (hence why you probably won't see me with normal faces ).

Here's the video. Warning: not very good quality.

Sending some love your way! Happy Thanksgiving to you guys!!
<3 Lex


  1. you are soooo damn cute!! :)
    love the video and the pictures!


  2. I love the pictures! Way cute!

  3. you are seriously adorable. the link to your husbands page didnt work, just wanted you to know! thanks for all your videos and helpful hints, we can all use them!

  4. Violet Bella: Thank you soooo much for letting me know! I just fixed it!!
    You're the sweetest!

    Thanks for watching my videos and reading my blog! I'm so glad you enjoy it!

  5. Hello Lexy: I accidentally stumbled onto your you-tube video, the first one :). The contacts look great on you. I have one question, I think? I live in the NY tri-state area, and I just ordered from How long did it take for you to receive your order? I also have a confession to confess. At first when I placed the WRLens order I was worried. They're so many fraudulent web-sites out there. Though I don't know you, but your video gave me reassurance that WRLens is a company to rely on. Thanks a bunch. Sincerely a new member to your blog...Evi

  6. Yvonne: I promise they're legit. They take a while to get here because they're coming from brazil. But if you want check out Michelle Phan on youtube She has like 3 videos wearing them and she ordered them from Don't worry I was very cautious when I bought these because I heard of so many scams!!
    I think you will enjoy them!! Send me a pic when you get them! I'd love to see it on you :D

    And thanks for sticking around my blog ;)

  7. Hey They look great on you! I am considering ordering a pair, and was wondering if they are natural looking in person and how noticable is the pixelation in person if someone is looking at you. Also I was wondering where you purchased yours as I found a site called WRLENS, but i was told they are not the best and another site Valliure i think?


  8. Thank you! They are very natural looking in person! It's actually kind of crazy how natural they look lol. Now, the Hidrocor Ice is really light so some people may or may not like how it looks on them. I wouldn't wear them without makeup. Then they can look kind of zombie-ish I guess? Youtube Michelle Phan she has a few videos with them on and you can see there. As well I have one or 2 videos up as well or just google lexpea solotica (that may be easier) lol When I ordered mine I ordered through WRLENS.COM because I saw a few gurus who ordered from them and I had read that some sites are a scam, so I stuck with what I knew. I am not really sure about Valliure I haven't looked into them. There's a girl that's the biggest sweetheart and super helpful on youtube called: lensaddicted, I believe she may sell them as well, if not she'd be able to direct you to a good site because she has every contact imagine-able! Good luck!!! Hope you find your perfect lens and fall in love with them! :)

    <3 Lex

  9. Hi there! Love your posts and videos <3
    Anyway, I just recieved my Solotica Hidrocor Ice contacts and wore them for no longer than 3 hours each time, I was wondering if you found them to be that comfortable? I kinda find them to be quite noticable, as in I can feel the contact on my eye. Also, at night the contacts blur or make "halo" appearance of most lights. Was wondering if you have this too? Also do you know your base curve?