Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cupcake Attack!!

So while my hunny was doing some overtime I decided to bake some cupcakes using the mix and frosting I had bought at the dollar store as well as use the food coloring I got at our local supermarket.
I had watched a video on cupcake decorations and thought, heck why not give it a shot. So I tried out my first time on video for you all to see. You may ask, "why on earth would you do that"? Of course we like displaying the perfected products without all the slip-ups but I thought it'd be a little more fun this way, and perhaps a bit encouraging to any beginners, such as myself, to show them that mistakes happen, just laugh it off and try again, eventually the perfected product will come, but not to lose hope :D
We weren't all born Betty Crockers!

The process to making these cupcakes were quite messy!! From my kitty trying to get to the cupcakes, to me dropping things in the icing and just making a mess of myself somehow, they managed to come out okay.

Sure it's nothing fancy schmancy but it's a start. Perhaps with a bit more practice I can get to making some of these babies.

Okay yea, maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself. I don't think I'll be reaching zalita's artistic abilities anytime soon but everything starts with baby steps..prodigies are exceptions. ;)

On a more realistic level, I really want to try and make this one  :D
what do you think!? If you guys like it too I say we all make our best owls :D send pics! I would love to see!!

If you guys like the dreamlike cupcake you can check out zalita's creations at

As well if you guys are looking for new cupcake recipes check out this blog

Happy Baking to YA!!

Here's video 1..if you'd like to see the rest visit my youtube channel:


  1. Ah! You're so adorable. I posted a "cute girl/blog alert" with your blog link on twitter.

  2. omg thanks so much!! you're soo sweet!! <3