Sunday, November 29, 2009

Road trip & Family Gatherings=Lovefilledbakinggoods&crafts.

Friday morning we drove up to my parents ranch for some Thanksgiving celebration weekend birthday festivities.
The ride up was quite interesting due to the fact that I think our kitty, Bangledash, had to pee really bad, so she serenaded us with Meows the whole drive up.

Once we arrived the men escaped into the wilderness while us females stayed in the ranch house. There was not a moment of boredom in that house. My grandmother and her sister would argue back and forth causing my mother and I to laugh at it all, and then we were visited by our ranch neighbors! Yippee!
Hannah, who is 11, helped me bake yummy cupcakes and cakes for Mercedes birthday.
She is definitely a cutie and we had the most fun :D
Then we ended up sewing some cute little crafts! I'll have to wait to show you the finished product although I'm not sure whether to make it a phone cover (case) or my first christmas tree ornament!
After, we all just gathered around the dinner table and enjoyed our yummy cuban food!
by the way, did I tell you it was FREEZING at the ranch! :D (pardon my ADD).

The next day my mommy (yes I still say mommy) and I decorated the cake and cupcakes. It began as a disaster since we did not have enough icing and the fondant kept cracking but here is what we got :D Well, at least we tried!

The good thing is Mercedes didn't notice all our mistakes, but the love behind them all.

Loved seeing her face, when she saw how important she was to us all :D


  1. you had Hannah!!! She is the best helper ever. She is a sweetheart. I call her Diva Queen, lol.

  2. cupcakes are so cute! glad you got some fun family time. Aaaaaand......cute pic of you & the hubs :).

  3. How fun! It all makes me a teeny bit homesick!