Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh! Thankfulness & Love

Sorry for any of you non-mushiers out there, but with Thanksgiving coming around the corner, I've started thinking of things I am most thankful to God for.My biggest Thanksgiving to God is for giving me an amazing husband! Sure we might be young and dumb at times but he is such a great man who is always there looking out for my best interest, taking care of me whenever I am sick, washes the dishes for me every time I make a huge mess, walks me to the bathroom at 3am when I'm too scared of the dark to go on my own, makes sure I never  get wet when it rains, carries me over puddles and opens my car door. Ladies chivalry is not dead!

To thank my husband for being so amazing, hardworking, and extremely talented I made him a cupcake in tribute to his clothing company, MRCY CLOTH. I didn't do all that great but I wanted to surprise him with something special letting him know I was thinking of him :D

If you guys like what you see check out his site, you can either click the button on the right that says MRCY or go here:

So baby if you read this I love you and am soooooo thankful for you and everything you do :D

Sorry for all the mushiness I was just in one of those girly, mushy moods.

other cupcakes made today :

For any of you cupcake lovers that want to see more pics check out cupcake bandits blog:

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