Friday, November 13, 2009

Vulnerability: Freeing or Frightening?

Vulnerability is a scary thing. Often I read people's blogs and their willingness to be vulnerable is so inspiringly freeing, yet frightening. Once words are said they can never be swallowed back and hidden again, they are no longer mine alone, but an open door for the world to interpret their own.  Is it easier to be  vulnerable in a world full of strangers, where people are close enough to support, but far enough to not do damage? In the hands of friends vulnerability is a beautiful uniter, but in the hands of an enemy vulnerability is our curse. The fear of pouring out my soul and the latter to occur hinders my ability to express. To express fears, hurts, desires, dreams and yet you find me pouring out my thoughts, the very questions I have been struggling with. There is something freeing about expression and sharing, there is a growth and bond that is made. No longer are my thoughts hidden in my heart, weighing down on me, there is a sense of a weight taken off when someone can sit down and write it out and know that someone out there understands. Vulnerability is what has united so many, yet with the same hand, hurt so many. If you knew your inmost hurts and fears were safe to be said out loud, would you be bolder, take off the mask, and know that it's okay to cry? If you knew your most inmost desires wouldn't sound so ridiculous, would you be braver to step out and follow your dream?

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  1. Lovely thoughts! I definitely relate to your mindset of fearing vulnerability. I think that allowing yourself to be vulnerable despite the fear of negative criticism is really freeing. I love your blog! It's very cute and quirky!

  2. Thank u dear!! You are so kind
    OMG I mean are u serious? Look at yourself.
    YOU are sooooooo beautiful!! I really do love all the cupcake thing ;) I'm thinking of to get one as a tattoo :)

    I definitely gonna follow your blog


  3. You are lovely! <3 And thanks so much for following <3 love you for that ;D