Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stache Sunday

Mmm..I love Sundays! I just get to veg out for the most part and let my creativity run free!!
Today was an eventful day filled with makeup how-to's, retro-ish hair how to's and cupcake deco!!!
I felt somewhat productive.
I got to  think up some new ideas for the Cupcake Bandits. Here's how it went :D

Keypad Love

There's nothing like a yummy cupcake with a tall glass of Milk :D

and here's the quick and easy retro-ish hair style tutorial :D
enjoy, learn & laugh. at me or with me, as long as you're laughing! ;)

I really would love feedback :D tips for improvement are always nice. always something to learn :D

Have a wonderful day/night!!
<3 Lex


  1. Very cute hair-do tutorial! I had trouble with my stupid bangs, but I really like your idea! I just have to play around with it, I suppose. I also really loved your makeup in the tutorial!!

  2. Aww thanks hun! you have little stray away hairs?you can try pinning them down with bobby pins too just angling so they don't show. I believe as well you can get the smaller sized bobby pins and that should hold it down. :\ Hmm...I'll try to think of other things that may help!
    And the makeup tutorial should be coming soon but that one REALLY needed editing, so I'm hoping my husband can help me on

  3. Those cupcakes look yummy and I love your way of speaking. You have a bit of an accent? It's adorable.

  4. lol thanks hun :D it's so weird cause I never hear myself with an accent but anytime I go outside miami everyone says the same thing. I wish I knew what a Miami accent sounded like. lol ;)

  5. It's so hard to describe an accent! I moved to the east coast from California and everyone tells me I have a California accent but no one knows how to describe it to me. I can't tell the difference.

  6. i dig the mustache cupcake!!!!!

  7. those stache cupcakes are made of win!!!

  8. yay I'm glad you guys enjoyed it :D thank you all for your kind comments!

  9. you are adorable!

    i love getting ideas for bad hair days & i'm totally doing this.

    p.s. the faces you made were the best part :).

  10. Lauren, I'm glad you enjoyed the faces ;) lol