Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Engagement Pictures Bombardment!!!

So I was going to post a "deep" post kind of just letting you guys in on some
stuff, but I don't really think now's the time. ::Geesh Lex, why so serious?::

Eh..I've had a lot of serious thoughts in my head I guess.

INSTEAD of that though I thought I'd share with you some of our engagement  pictures! yipee!!

I was going to show you wedding ones too...but that'll have to be another post.
I must apologize for the amount of pictures you are about to see!

I love this green dress, i got it at Ross for like $10. One of my faves! I love cheap buys!

I couldn't help but put this one, the way he looked at me in this one just makes me melt.

Our parents favorite pictures. Framed proudly in their homes <3

O0o0 A leg pop! Like in Princess Diaries!

                                               I had to share this amazing wall with you!

         Great photographers find beauty in the most unsual places, but it is where art is created.

  Couldn't figure out which was more romantic, so I put both :D

He worked with the jeweler to design this ring for me. It has a unique vintagey feel which I love. He told me he wanted to give me a ring no one else had. He said it sweeter, I just forgot the words exactly :\ hmmph. What you can't see is underneath the heart part, on the band are three rubies. One representing him, the other representing me, and the middle ruby representing God. <3

The photographer gave him an old vintage camera and Alex pretend to take pics of me. It was fun but kinda weird having passerbyers.

Well I hope you guys didn't mind the bombardment! Just sharing a little piece of our love with you all!

Geez it's almost 2am..and then I wonder how I get those darn coonie eyes!

Goodnight my friendies!
<3 Lex


  1. AW!! These are so sweet, girl! I love them! I especially love the lime green polka dot dress! We are getting ready to shoot our engagement photos and I'm a little nervous about. Did you feel self-conscience any about being lovey dovey with your guy in front of a photographer? My fiance is pretty shy so I'm worried that he might feel awkward. I love the different locations you chose for the photographs. They were all original and stunning! And your hair is just gorgeous in all the pics! Love it! Thanks for sharing these!!

  2. Jacque: Honestly,my hubby and I were probably the worst models! I get super nervous in settings like that.."what am I supposed to do?!" and my hubby doesn't really like it either, he's camera shy. Our photographer was really great at helping us out though. It'll come. It'll be really awkward at first but I think the photographer will walk you through it and just ease you guys up. You probably wouldn't know it from those pics, but the last thing we wanted to do before we met up with the photographer was take pics, we were in a blah mood. But once it started that all changed! Can't wait to see your engagement pics!!

  3. oh wow, these are amazing! you look gorgeous and so vintagey! i love the locations. my favorite is all the film reels, super cool! i don't know when you got engaged or married, but congrats!

  4. awwwwwwww!!!
    you guys are sooooo cute! such a nice cuple!!
    I love all the pictures...they are like WOW!
    seriously!! I love them so much.
    especially the pictures with your black dress.
    so hot!!!
    hope u guys will always be that happy! :)
    best wishes


  5. you are absolutely BEAUTIFUL in these pictures! WOW

  6. Your engagement photos turned out lovely! I am loving the style! Congrats :)

  7. oh my gosh! so cute!!!!

    i love the one at the end of you guys sipping your milkshake :). these are awesome! so unique and creative.

    hope everything is going ok for you. if you have anything you want me to pray about feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

    p.s. thanks for the sweet anniversary wishes :). you're a doll!

  8. WOW! Those are gorgeous! And very unique.

  9. Amazing!!! I love all of them!!! You are gorgeous and I too love the picture that both of your parents have framed.... classic!! xo

  10. you guys are an amazingly attractive couple! Love the pictures...

  11. not to sound over gush-y but, OMG those pictures are like something right out of a really cute romance movie;)

    You look so beautiful in that black dress leaning on that tree (that's a really great picture of you)!
    I don't mind the bombardment at all, in fact I love all of your pretty pictures, thanks for sharing!
    Image number 1 is soooooo cute!
    Love your ring too:)
    You guys must have had so much fun with that shoot!


    p.s. can't wait to see your wedding pics...

  12. All the pictures look absolutely awesome, you look gorgeous... and you both seem so so so happy and joyful!!!
    Gosh I can't wait for your wedding pictures!!!
    And the ring is so romantic...

  13. Aw thanks that makes me feel a lot better about taking our engagement pics! My email is

  14. You guys are SOOOOOO adorable! You look beautiful, my Lexie! I love these pics. Your photographer knew exactly what he was doing.

  15. Ahhh, Lex and hubs are way too cute and totally in love!
    I'm a vintage girl too so I absolutely love these photos annnd the clothes..
    That black dress is perfect - reminds me of this one that I've been pining after but am a little too scared to
    OH MY GOSH, I must show you this dress - just bought it and it's just gorgeous.
    Anxiously awaiting an opportunity to wear it!

    Anyway, of course you can have my email address; I'll email you first so I don't have it floating around.

    <3 Grace.

  16. Ahhhh so BEAUTIFUL!!!
    You inspire me to lose weight and be healthy, your so gorgeous.


  17. Every picture is so precious!! You look beautiful!

  18. all i can say is wow! as a photographer, i can honestly say that you got the best! love the artsy side to them! i so wish we would of had that in ours!

    you are seriously so gorgeous, whoa! and you and your hubby look adorable together!

    ive been wanting to share a post like this, maybe i will allow you to inspire me!

    ahhh, i love...

  19. Good heavens, girl, you are gorgeous! So are those pictures!

  20. gorgeous!, you look so beautiful and happy :)

  21. K, first of all, your pictures are amazing and I can see the love between you two. Plus, you two are adorable together.

    Second of all, you are gourgeous! I love the vintage feel I get from these pictures.

    Sarah Ann