Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I love your blog Award

So Lauren from the little things we do made up this cool award and somehow I was one of the 11 awarded.  If you guys haven't gone to her blog, you really should! She is the absolute sweetest cutest girl!

Here are some of the blogs that I absolutely love and must  get my daily fix of!

Stacy & Geoff Lang @ underaged and engaged are just simply the cutest most funniest couple! They are actually married now with a itty bitty baby on the way! Their blog invites you to all their little adventures with silly pics and videos! Honestly, stop by, you won't regret it!

 Laura from Violet Bella I know I awarded her before but I honestly cannot get enough of all her inspiring photography! They are breathtaking and her jewelry is beautiful! Not only is she uber talented and beautiful, but she has the most beautiful heart!!

Bri from During Winter not only is she an amazing friend but she has a heart that follows after God! She is full of inspiration and insight, and might I add, she sings AMAZING! Go listen to her music! as well, she is a great cupcake baker and always knows how to make you smile. :D Yay for smiling!

Jacque always knows how to put a smile on my face. Her blog is filled with joy and quirkyness. You can't help but love her.

Grace  oh my! Where do I even begin with this girl? She is a talented photographer, who loves to bake, is absolutely a classic beauty with such a sweet heart and love for her boyfriend. So many adorable pictures in there. Although I've never met her, I'm glad to call her my friend :D

Katie is super sweet and leaves me the most encouraging comments!I love visiting her blog, it's dreamy and she has the cutest pictures of all the exciting things going on in her life! Plus a really cute store!

Katie @ Skunkboy Creatures this woman is a source of crafty inspiration! I can't get enough of her pictures of all her little creations, her family adventures, and new hair and clothes! She is an essence of cuteness!

Silvia, the Uniqorn is from Germany and she is soo sweet! can you tell I can't get enough of sweet people? She is a lover of beauty & fashion & family! She has super fun pictures! Thank you for all your comments my love, you always put a smile on my face when I read them. I love that you're empathetic and caring!

Jaelynn, pardon my french always has the cutest self portraits followed by an invite into her mind or day. Her thrifting adventures make me wish I could go with her! I love reading her blog and being part of her little world, even if for that moment!

Kandee Johnson is one of the most amazing makeup artists I have ever seen! She transforms from princess Jasmine, to Snow White, to Michael Jackson, to an Oompa Loompa! Not only is she extremely talented with makeup but she has a heart of gold and is a fellow Jesus Lover. She is an example of someone who has been through hard times and survived and followed her dreams!! Check out her youtube channel too!

Caitlin, The August One this girl is an awesome christmas decorator. She is the type of person you probably can't help but laugh when you're around, she's not afraid to be silly and I love that about her. And no matter how many faces she puts, she still manages to look adorable!

My list can honestly go on because there are so many inspiring amazing blogs that I love to read but I'm keeping it to 11. All the blogs I follow have something different and intriguing about them and would recommend them :D

Thanks guys for reading and thanks for being a source of inspiration!

<3 Lex


  1. Darling you are so kind!!
    honestly? I just can say the same about you.
    everytime I read your posts or comments I have to smile and get happy because of your nice and sweet words :) and I am a fan of your videos... "Hey guys I'm Lex" that's soooo cute :) and I love it when u say "solotica hidrocor" it sounds so exotic.
    You are such a sweetheart and I hope that u won't change. I'm so glad that I met u :) I had to say it once again <3


  2. Thanks so much! I wish that I was friends with you in real life!
    Also, I wish I could watch your videos, but my computer is so crap-filled that it will barely play YouTube videos without it skipping. I am just glad you have this blog to keep me updated instead!

  3. That is so awesome! I am going to go check out some of those right now! :]

  4. isnt is weird how sometimes you feel an instant connection with someone, even if you only know very little about them? just from our tiny brief moments of dialog i feel that we could be great friends. if anything i could just listen to you talk or sing all day long :) thank you lexi for including me on your fav list! you are too kind.

  5. aww, thanks for the sweet mention! i wish all of us "blog friends" could hang out for real one day! at least we have a long distance support and inspiration system. :)

  6. omg! You are so sweet!! I think I did a little happy dance because you mentioned my blog! I'm so glad that we are blog friends! Your blogs always inspire me and make me smile! I love how you share your life experiences with your readers and always encourage us to believe in ourselves! It's so wonderful!! =D

  7. Aww! Thank you! I love you my Alexie! :)

  8. Aw, THANK YOU, LEX - you're so sweet!
    I wish we could hang out because I know we'd make great friends.
    I hope your depression has lifted - I've been thinking about you!
    Always feel free to send an email my way if you'd like to vent or anything, okee?

    <3 Grace.

  9. yay for awards :). glad you enjoyed your award love ♥.

  10. Yay for everyone and their awards. Im loving you and so glad you found me! cant wait to read more!

  11. thanks for commenting on my blog, I love your header :) I'm looking forward to looking through these blogs!

  12. love your blog! you deserved this award! :) hope you are doing great! you are beautiful!

  13. I just love it when bloggers share the link love!