Thursday, December 3, 2009

Violet Bella: I thank you

Since it's Christmas time we're all running around getting gifts. I purchased these beautiful earrings from Violet Bella for someone special!  The Violet Bella store is filled with gorgeous masterpiece's, but since christmas time means an even tighter budget, we only have enough to afford for others so buying one for myself would be out of the question.

I was so excited when the package came in the mail today!  I was so excited to see them!

I opened it up and inside was.....
A pretty wrapped package inside a plastic covering, very protected :D

I promise it was pretty before I opened it up to see the goody inside! I'm just not a very good putter back together type of person, but I wanted you to get the main idea. So I TRIED to put it back. fail.0_o

I'm not the best photographer and I didn't have good lighting, but you can go to Laura's etsy shop to get a better idea.

I fell in love! Wish I could keep them, but at least I know the receiver will be strutting around in these beauties!
So I thought that was the only thing that would be in there, but Laura (owner of Violet Bella)
is the biggest sweetheart and included an awesome card. I'm not showing what was written because I like keeping special things like that personal but honestly I was having a pretty blah day today and that card and gift made me all giddy and happy! She definitely made my day!

I will show you the outside of the card and the little drawing she made me! The fact that she took that little extra time out really meant a lot. Thanks so much Laura!

And if that wasn't enough, there was another little bag wrapped gorgeously!! Marked .free gift. in an adorable heart! ::gasp:: no way, really?! the excitement rushed all over and a smile emerged! I was a little kid all over again dying to open up their christmas present. I love feeling like a little kid. ^_^

I was in love!! I am going to be posting new pics with them on and in better lighting so you girls can get a better view! But they are adorable & I was dying to show them to you all! My husband was amazed at both these earrings and you know guys usually don't comment much on jewelry and the sort, so you know they must be good!

Laura, Thank you so incredibly much! You really have no idea how much it meant to me and how it changed my day! You are beautiful, outwardly & inwardly! I'm so glad I got the privilege of meeting you!

Girls, if you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift for those special people in your lives or even want to spoil yourself to some, Violet Bella is filled with  beautiful pieces! Not just jewelry either! The things this woman does with her photography is breathtaking! Go take a look! and make sure to visit her blog, it's filled with inspiration and beauty!

Laura, again, thank you!! I honestly can't thank you enough and you are so incredibly talented my dear!!

<3 Lex


  1. aw, very cute post lex, yes she has super adorable stuff!

  2. how lovely!! wow, i might have to do some of my christmas shopping through her. <3

  3. oh they are so pretty, and what a lovely package.

  4. those earrings are SOOOO pretty!

    i love getting fun little gifts in the mail :). glad you got a little brightness in your day.

  5. I shared your joy today, when I got in the mail my Ruth Bell Graham book!


  6. you guys should definitely buy some christmas gifts from her, your recievers definitely won't be saying, "oh thank shouldn't have..really!"

    They'll have the sparkly eyes with a smile that reaches them!!

  7. alexie, click on the style school pic on my page and it will tell you some about it. oh you should join if you can. its $60. i thought i was not going to be able to b/c of that, but james got it for me as a xmas present. and upon joining, you get an email with bonus projects and the funnest homework in the world, i can already tell its going to be personally transforming and worth every penny. i think its a limited time to join though! if your in it we can share project photos and inspiration! go give a *hint hint* to your hubby!

  8. Those are so cute! I've been looking for some earrings like that lately!

  9. love the earrings

    ^^cute post

  10. Laura's work is absolutely beautiful!!
    Too bad you can't keep those earrings all to yourself (hehee), they are so gorgeous.

  11. S AND O: I know, she creates masterpieces!
    Thanks to her I do keep to keep the bottom pair!!
    The stuff you won were gorgeous!!! Where did you put it all?!!

  12. hey girl, i think the last comment you left on my blog was meant for someone else???

  13. p.s. i cant stop watching your videos. i just love to listen to you talk! your voice is so adorable!

    my husband was listening to the one about crafting on a budget, and he was like, babe, you need to go hang out with this girl, yall are just alike!

    too cute!

  14. Those earrings are very cute! Love them! I am new to your blog, I actually just found it. I would love if you stopped by my blog and followed me and entered the giveaway that I am having.

    Many blessings,

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  16. The earrings are beautiful! I just found your blog and must say it's super sweet!


  17. hola chica!

    you're post is up tomorrow!



  18. Thank you sophie!!

    And lauren, YAY!


  19. hey you!

    thanks for letting me know about the typo. i fixed it :).

    also...i posted our love story on sunday to sorta kick things if you feel like reading it, it's on there.

    thanks for all the anniversary wishes and thanks again for doing this. you guys are adorable and i especially loved all your cute pictures!

    hope you have a lovely day!

  20. Lovely lovely lovely earring. :) So sweet.. oh and I love your blog name.. "Cupcake Sniper!".. awesomeness. Hope you're having a fabulous Tuesday.

    Love & Aloha.

  21. How sweet of her! Her earrings are beautiful, thanks for sharing them so now I can go take a look at her etsy shop. Your blog is so cute!

  22. Just found your blog.... delightful!!! I love blogs that are witty and sweet!! xo