Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009, HELLO 2010!


2009, I'll miss the good memories you left behind for me, such as you are the year I married my hunk of a hubby. The year we went to Costa Rica and bottlefed baby racoons, the year got to finally not have to say goodbye. The year I gained a new family. With a lot of these happy memories though, you've brought a long some heartache haven't you? Oh yes..This was the year I hit rock bottom, but you know what 2009, I thank you for those memories, I thank you because throughout the hardships, throughout my weakest point, I learned to stop running from God. I learned I'm not strong and that's okay! I learned it's okay to depend on the one who is Greater!

2010, I have a lot of expectations for you, don't worry, I don't think they're too far out of reach..and yes..I know my effort is the main emphasis on these changes, I'm just letting you know.
This year, is the year I want to be the closest to God, the year I allow Him to change me and make me the person I was created to be. I want His love to pour out of me onto others. This year...I'm going to work to be the best wife, but I know I can't do that without God, so I'm going to allow Him to show me how! I want to be a resting place for my husband, his support system! Also, I wouuld like to lose weight and tone up :D of course, I'm sure 2010, that you have many of those requests already!
hmm..These are the main I am thinking, but I have mini goals set up as well..I'll keep you updated on those! 2010, I'm really excited to see how you'll turn out!

I'm really excited for 2010! I feel a change is coming! A fresh start! I really hope 2010 is an amazing year for all of us! Again..2010 can't offer more than we are willing to put in, so let's put our hearts into it!

Happy New Year beautifuls!
<3 Lex


  1. amazing resolutions :) here i year's eve..looking at

    happy new year!!

  2. Love the resolutions dear. <3 happy 2010

  3. I need to get closer to God as well. Good luck to you! I'll keep you in my prayers. :) Happy New Year!

  4. excited to see what 2010 is going to look like for you lovely girl. i thinnk God's got big plans for your year :).

  5. Lovely. Your heart is so sweet.
    Getting closer to our Saviour is the best goal ever.

  6. i love your letter to the new year. i love how you personified it, i think it makes you that much closer to your goals!

    thanks so much for your comment on my jewelry post. i wish i could give you everything :)

    oh, and was that last wish a little *hint hint*???

    i have a surprise going out in the mail on monday for you! our post office was closed early new years eve or it would already be on its way.

    i too hope your year is blessed with so many new things. with God by your side, i see you going far. i know that sometime reaching an awful low in life can be one of the best things to happen to us. if not, we seem to just not pay enough attention for real change. for different reasons, that has happened to both me and james this past year, so now i am leaving the embarrassment, shame, and guilt to the winds of 2009. On my way to be the wife God would want me to be, just like you said. and I hope to gain a better relationship with God as well. I need to get creative about it though, b/c just reading the bible does not affect me, and i hate church. ill figure it out.

    oh, i am going to try and find a video of one of my favorite songs, i think you would sound so pretty singing it. if i find it ill post it in a blog!

    big love,

  7. Happy New Year, Lex!!! Thank you so much for your encouraging comment on my 2010 goals post. You always make me smile! I'm thankful for "meeting" you this past year and I hope that our friendship only grows more in the coming year. xoxo -j

  8. great post. i sometimes feel just like tht. haha
    i think this year is going to be great full of changes and great ways to better lives of others and ourselves. this year will be done correctly with the help of God. thank you hun so much for being here. cant wait wen we meet. hope u and alex had a great new years eve,day,night. im so sure you guys wil be overly blessed by all the people tht love you. have a great day sweetie.
    love you.


  9. happy new year love the last paragraph so true :£

  10. Happy New Year Sweetness!! What a wonderful year it is going to be!!

  11. Happy New Year indeed!
    This post makes me smile right down to my toes (hheehe, well you know:) it's just so bright and happy and full of spirit I can't help but grin ear to ear!!! I wish you the very best of luck in completing all of your New Year Resolutions sweetie!!

    Also, I was just reading the comment you left me on that skirt post on my blog and I wanted to get back to you...
    I've been thinking of doing some sewing tutorials for a bit and now I am certainly going to do a few for you!
    Not sure exactly what they will be, but I'll work something out. Maybe even get a skirt tutorial or two in.
    I don't sell skirts or clothes yet, but give me some time and I think we could work something out, I don't know, maybe I could teach you how to make a skirt, if you want, or something (we can work on it:)
    Oh and big congrats on getting a sewing machine for Christmas *squeals of excitement* I bet you'll be having a lot of fun with it in the new year:)


  12. this was a beautiful post! i think this year is going to be awesome for you!

  13. Happy new year Lex! That was such a beautiful and meaningful post. It really makes me realise how much my life lacks meaning. You are very inspiring. I hope that you achieve more in this year than all the past years put together! All the best!

  14. Thank you guys sooo much for your comments! How was all of your new years?! I'm excited to see how 2010 will be for us all!! and I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better!!

    Olivia: OMG! I would love for you to do a tutorial!! we can even do video chat dates ;) lol what do you think? and I'm sorry I didn't know it was your sister! That is amazinG! Well then she definitely has a great role model in you!!

  15. great goals for the new year lex! i just KNOW this is going to be a better year. 2009 was rough for so many but i think we are on the upswing! *fingers crossed* xoxo!

  16. im right there with you on being the best wife, getting closer to God, and toning up!!!!

  17. ahh what the heck?! i thought i had been following you for months! no wonder i haven't been able to read all your posts in my google reader. time to catch up!!

  18. Hey Lex, video chat dates sound like fun (never done one before, what are they exactly? do I need a webcam?)!!! my camera is kind of crappy and on the brink of death (lol) but I would totally love to give it a shot:)

    I've been thinking of some tutorials I could do for starters, maybe something small and simple at first like a clutch or a bag or a pillow or a pot holder...and then gradually move onto bigger projects like fitted skirts and high waist-ed skirts and all that jazz.
    What kind of a sewing machine do you have?

    I'm off to go check out those 40 funny faces videos now. They look totally promising!! you are always finding fun and creative new things to do and I can't wait to meet your hubby:D


    p.s. those tutorials might take a wee bit of time to appear on my blog because of some classes and math boot camps that are now eating up a lot of my free time. But I'm going to try to post at least one up real soon:)