Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I<3 Giveaways!!

Okay so Sandy from Filled with Wanderlust is having a giveaway, and honestly the gifts are amazing!

Here's a visual:


to be honest...I really hope it's me because..well look at these beauties! They're just soooo amazing!
but..I will definitely be happy for any girl who wins them! They are definitely lucky!!
So I suggest you all to go over to her page and enter the contest!!

Goodluck to all you lovely ladies!


  1. Oh wow! I looove it all!!! I'm going to go check it out! Those quirkeys are calling my name! ;)

  2. so many fun things! i love that reusable bag from forever 21. i may have to grab one next time i'm there.

  3. those are so cute (:


  4. OMG! I would love to have that bag!

  5. Lex, I wanted to thank you so, so, so fricken much for the comment you just left on my blog. You dont know how happy it made me feel because you're totally right & I really needed to read that. :) I feel like a snug right now but I know with time things will get better. Thank you so much again. I'm glad to have you as a super amazing, beautiful, & supportive blog friend. :)

  6. Oh my goodness! I LOVE those Owl Key fob type things!
    Also- I love your blog! I just happened upon you yesterday and I had to follow :) I also saw you on Facebook! Cool!!!

  7. Thanks for the heads up :) hehe, goodluck on winning the giveaway you surely deserve it xx

  8. ooo so cute! i will have to go check it out! thanks for sharing :) i hope you win though because you deserve it!

  9. Aww thanks I honestly am going to be happy for whoever gets it! because you all are amazing!! :)

  10. Lex your blog is utterly adorable!
    You should follow me! my blog is still new...

  11. By the way, where did you get the graphics for your page? I'd love to know

  12. that's one of the hardest parts about promoting a giveaway your trying to's so cool you just don't want to share it, less someone else wins, lol!!! :D

    Thanks so much for that beautiful comment you left me!
    I actually don't have any kids (hhehe, I run that blog with my little sister Sarah:) but everything was so sweet the way you put it and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you wrote!!!
    Big hugs to you!!!