Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wedding Series #1

Well since so many of you enjoyed the engagement pictures I decided I'll share some of my favorite wedding photos with you, but since they're so many, I'm going to do it in parts. Today I shall share with you the getting ready.

To me, the getting ready was the most nervewrecking part. Why you ask? Well because to me, out of everything in the wedding, the most important part was how he would look at me. My favorite part of the wedding is not just looking at the bride, but the grooms expression when he sees the woman he is going to spend the rest of his life with all dressed up, walking towards him, ready to share a lifetime together. That part simply takes my breath away. Needless to say, since it's my favorite part, I wanted him to be blown away the moment he saw me, I didn't care what anyone else thought other than that man standing at the alter.

I must admit I did cry in the morning because I saw my face that morning. I felt gross, pale, racoon eyes, my hair was a mess! Thank God for my great makeup artist, Amy Palma and my wonderful hairdresser, Jen.

Another important part of the wedding to me was the photography. Over details and the rest, the photographs are the one thing you get to take with you from that wedding day. It's what tells the story of that day to your children and your grandchildren, and that to me, means the world.  I couldn't have found one better, thank you Manolo.

Ok, so I now invite you to get ready with me:


My mommy putting my earrings on <3 This was a picture that was really important to her and I'm glad it was. Don't know what I would have done without her!

My sis helping me put on my shoes. I'm a sucker for colorful wedding shoes.

My mommy putting on the garter for me.

Dress shots:

With my maid of honor (sister in blue) and bridesmaid (sister in law in green) or as the photographer called them, Jenny green & Jenny Blue.

The photographer threw some in of my hubby for free cause he knew I really wanted them. Thanks!

My hubby and his best man (his brother on the right) and his groomsmen (my cousin on the left).

                                                            Breathtakingly Handsome

                                                        White converse FTW!

I hope you guys enjoyed this series, come back tomorrow for the Ceremony! <3



  1. you look gorgeous, and i love the fun details of your blue shoes and his white converse. so cute. photography was most important to me too... and seeing the way a groom looks at his bride is my favorite part of weddings too :).

    hope you're feeling better today. praying for you friend.

  2. wow..i am speechless. you are absolutely gorgeous! your wedding was amazing and i love all the little details! so cute! and i agree with you, i love seeing how the groom looks at the bride. such a special moment! you are amazing! thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. yay :D your hubby is so cool wearing those white chucks! you guys had amazing shoes on!
    love the wonderful wedding dress.
    you look so fab in it!


  4. wow! you had the most amazing photographer, love them!

    my hubby wore brown cons! yeah!

    you looked breath taking, seriously!

  5. You are beautiful! Those pictures are breathtaking. I'm totally loving the blue shoes!

  6. Your dress in the photos is absolutely stunning! You are very beautiful :)

  7. Gorgeous pictures! I love how classic they are... beautiful!

  8. Your dress is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!
    You look so happy and beautiful


  9. i am blown away with how beautiful you are! every single thing about your wedding just seemed perfect. my gosh, seriously - those photographs are amazing.

  10. You look BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Your gown is just to die for and I love that delicate hair piece your wearing (not to mention that amazing looooong sweeping veil and awesome turquoise shoes)!
    that picture with your mommy putting your earring on is such a sweet moment!
    All of the pictures are wonderful thanks for sharing (haha white converse how cool)!!