Sunday, December 20, 2009

Strawberry Christamsy Cupcakes!

Today has been a rather lazy day where I have spent all day in bed! No seriously, ALL day in bed, with Bangledash, my kitty, of course, since hubby is at work. I only got up to say hello to hubby and sit with him while he played some video games, made lunch, and then..I was back in bed.  Finally, at 7pm, a rush of motivation hit me...
Yes of course I have a cabinet full of cupcake supplies! I rushed to the kitchen and made some strawberry cupcakes! A little pinkness to spruce it up and make it all happy.
And well, since Christmas is coming up rather quickly, I decided to decorate them Christmasy of course. (I'm sure Christmasy isn't a word, but  um, well it is now!

                                                Strawberry cupcakes are very yummy!

Santa, things are going to be a little different this year. Well, I know you usually get cookies, but umm...this year, we're upgrading you with some cupcakes. Ps. hope you enjoy your new beard ;)

                                              A christmas tree atop a snowy mountain

Just a reminder to smile.
We're alive & have so many reasons to smile. So smile & pass it along to a family, friend, or stranger!

Merry Christmasy Time Loves!


  1. They look yummy and I want some!!! That smile ones adorable... I wish I got to sleep in all day!! I'm sick :(

  2. Those look sooooo good!
    Love the smile cupcake :-)

  3. LOL, I love them! Santa needs cupcakes. He probably gets sick of cookies sometimes. We left him soda one year (we were out of milk, ha!).

  4. Yum yum!! I want some of your yummy cupcakes!! They look so cute too! I am quite sure I have used the word Christmasey too, so I think it's a word! I love your smile cupcake! It made me =D!

  5. Yesss! Santa cupcakes! :]
    You, doll, are brilliant. And those cupcakes are lovely.
    cute cute cute.

  6. Aw delicious! A friend came over today and baked me mint choc chip cookies and now I feel like baking too.

  7. i love the leaning christmas tree cupcake. it's my favorite. it kind of reminds me of who-ville :). i've missed you lately. how are things going? hope you've had a good weekend.

  8. awwww they are way toooo lovely! :))
    yummy yum yum

  9. Yay! Thanks guys for all your nice comments! And Jamie leaving soda for santa is awesome ;) I'm sure he appreciated the extra fizz and caffeine to keep him awake!

    Lauren: I know I miss you too!! Things are going good how are things on your side of the country ;)

  10. loving those christmas cupcakes! make me some?

  11. ::making a batch just for you:: pink to match your gorgeous pink hair! :D

  12. aaaaw those cupcakes r so lovely i want some haha. i'll be sure to share a smile today.


  13. these came out SOOOOO good!!! Wow! Great job!

  14. things are good...waaaaay over here on the west coast :). speaking of being waaaay over here....did you get your package i sent you, waaaaaay over there? if you don't get it by tomorrow, let me know so i can check w/ the post office.

  15. omg. your christmas tree on top of the cupcake! lol. I love it.