Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wedding Series #3

Well, after the getting ready and ceremony, I guess this means we're at the reception.

People were greeted in the front with these lovely nameplates. After seeing them in one of my favorite wedding magazine, southern weddings, my mommy and mother in law made them and blessed me with them. As well, since my hubby and I are World of Warcraft fans, we decided to name the tables after different worlds in WOW, only the pretty names of course. <3

Blue and Green are Alex's favorite color so I wanted to incorporate that into the theme.

Since Alex is a MAJOR music lover, I wanted him to pick the song for our first dance, I swear he is the best song picker ever, we danced to This is the First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes.

First time I saw this pictures it brought tears to my eyes. Just the look on my dads face says so much. I picked out our perfect Father Daughter song, There Goes My Life by Kenny Chesney.

Alex and his mom, Susana, danced to Josh Groban's, You Raise Me Up.

                                       Our flower girl, Sophia, went to go take Susana a tissue <3

                                          After the best man and maid of honor speech

The birds on top of the cake holds a sentimental value. When Alex's grandfather was alive, he would buy his wife, Alex's grandma gifts with birds and called each other the love birds. Before our wedding, his grandmother gave us this musical bird as a gift, so we decided to put it as our cake toppers. <3

                                                            The original cake toppers

The end <3

PS. If you're interested in hearing the songs, here ya go:
First Day of My Life:

There Goes My Life:

You Raise Me Up


  1. omg so pretty i love ur wedding dress and the photos ^^

  2. Well hey beautiful!!
    Your entire fam (plus the fam-in-law) looks great!

    I told E about the WoW references in your wedding and he was impressed.
    He said it was "the coolest thing ever," lol.

    <3 Grace.

  3. that bright eyes song is one of my very favorite songs!!! so good!
    all of your wedding pics are just stunning. i bet you are so happy you had such an amazing photographer. i hope if/when i ever get married my pics will be just as beautiful :)

  4. once again, i am speechless. sooo happy for you. you are blessed in a big way. in so many ways. love the bright eyes song, and the fact that you incorporated your husband so much. so many girls just want what they want! i think you just proved that you were in it together from the beginning, that is huge!

  5. AW!! I love all of your weddings photos! They are so gorgeous!! You and your husband seem so happy and in love!! I adore your blue shoes!! Such a clever idea! And the church your were married in is so beautiful! Your photographer did such a wonderful job! I love how emotional weddings are and your photos really capture that. Where did you guys go on your honeymoon? I might have to email you later on when my wedding gets closer for advice!!

  6. girl ur so stunning :) that foto with the LOVE written in lights is probably the most unique and beautiful wedding pictures ive ever seen. i love ur headpiece as well, very different and adorable. all these pictures get me excited for my wedding! god bless ur marriage!!

  7. myownlittleuniverse: if you want, when you get married I can help you find a good photographer in your area :D can always look at my gosh, their photographers are breathtaking!!

    Naka: thank you so much! That means a lot coming from a wonderful designer such as yourself ;)

    Laura: Thank you so much! I am blessed with a great family and husband. They made that day so memorable! and all the help my mommies put into it! And yea bright eyes is awesome! He couldn't have picked a more better song! I should put up a playlist with the cd he made me when we were dating! so u can see what a good song picker he is, I suck at it. lol when am I going to see your pics :D

    Jacque: Of course you can email me when you start all that planning! :D and the honeymoon we went to Costa Rica..I might just put up some pics! I loved Costa Rica!! Friendly animals everywhere!! And the people were the kindest!

    ryan: thank you so much! The Love was our photographers idea.we had no idea what he was doing when he was making us stand in place and spelling things out in the air. lol Thanks about the headpiece, I fell in love with it when I found it and new that was exactly what I wanted :D Made me feel like a princess from another era lol
    Weddings are awesome! I'm sure yours will be fabulous! <3

  8. HI - I am a new reader of your blog and I just wanted to say your wedding photos are gorgeous! You and your husband looked stunning on your wedding day. It looks like it was a really wonderful day for you both. It makes me so excited for when I one day get married.

  9. you are beautiful and i love all your little details. the bird nests are too cute!

    hope you had a good weekend.

  10. Wow. You were a stunning bride. I'm in love with the Barbie cake topper!

  11. Well the last two songs just about made me cry (haha I'm a total sap)!!!!!
    Your wedding and reception were sooo beautiful I feel like I was there with all these pictures;)

    Oh and I forgot to mention in the last post how flat out stunning I thought the church was!

    That one picture with your daddy just pulls on my heart strings!!!

    and the one with the flower girl had me smiling, what a sweet scene!!! ;)

    You and your hubby look soooo cute together and happy! You must have so much fun going through all these wonderful memories:)
    Thanks for sharing!


    p.s. your cake looks tasty and I love the colors! what flavors did you have?

  12. my gosh your gorgeous and these photo's look like they should be in magazines.