Monday, December 14, 2009

Twilight Vampire Makeup Tutorial

So doing a vampire look has been on my mind lately and since I had nothing to do yesterday I decided it was a perfect time to do it!  In the video you can also compare my natural eye versus the Solotica Hidrocor Ice. :D

Hope you guys enjoy the video :D

As well, since I had so much time, I did what us silly girls do, and play dress
I've always wondered what a drawn in mole would look like so.....

Just a bunch of sillyness really..hope it's somewhat entertaining



  1. he he, i am familiar with this look, in high school I was the girl who wore all black!

    i did most of the tips you just showed, how funny.

    if i were a vampire...i would still be friendly...but i might just use that to lure in my innocent little victims!!!

  2. Oh man!! do you have pictures?! you must have made a hot goth!

    oh..if you were a vampire I'd have to be a little wary of you ;)

  3. girl, you look gorgeous no matter what! vampire or human! i am so jealous! and can i have your lips? they are AMAZING!

  4. I've enjoyed it so much!!
    Loved the video. The make-up is fab.
    You r so amazing and so beautiful like u always are!! ...and the lipstick is so great! I need one that looks like that.
    You are a sexy vamp :P especially in the first picture :P
    mamma miaaaa

  5. Chloe: Omg my dear!! have you seen yourself?! you're breathtakingly gorgeous!!!
    I wish I could play dress up with you one day!

  6. look at that pout! dang girl! you definitely rocked out the vampy make-up. love it! muy bella!


  7. I loved this! You make a pretty vampire :)
    And I love Vedera, too, so the song choice was excellent <3

  8. Thank you guys :D
    You girls are the sweetest <3
    like my favorite kinda candy :p

  9. you look lovely ^^

    i fail at make up so thanks for the tutorial ^^

  10. ur so pretty (:
    love the make up and u can so rock the red lipstick. not n e one can hun.


  11. you're gorgeous, its not fair... and i really do have a mole lol!

  12. Awh! You have eyes like me in your video (two different colours)! Such a cute tute!