Friday, December 11, 2009

Wedding Series #2

Well, the previous post was the getting ready so I guess our next series would be ceremony.
I think with all the pictures you see why I'm breaking it up into different posts. Sorry didn't know which to pick out. I really do love my photographer.

On the way to the ceremony my dad was all cute with me. He kept fixing the bottom of my dress and asking me if I was nervous, which honestly, it felt like it was all pretend, I wasn't nervous, just excited. It's weird how unreal it felt. He even almost gave me  the whole "speech" but before things could get awkward I was like, it's okay, mom already talked to me about everything. Phew. Thanks mom for saving me from that awkward moment. When we pulled up my main concern was that Alex wouldn't see me. I'm very old fashioned in that sense and a hopeless romantic I must say. My dad was so good at making sure that Alex wouldn't as well as making sure I was fine. It really meant so much to me. Thanks dad! 


Pulling up to the church.  Yay! The moment has come!!

My daddy and I
This picture just makes me want to say...OMG SHOES!
While I was here, Alex was here...

I'm a sucker for that smile.

My rolemodels: My great-grandparents. Still in love as ever. <3

Waiting behind the curtains was where my heart felt like it was going to fly out. My stomach got all these crazy butterflies and this burning sensation! He was right there, at the other end of that curtain!  Mind you, at this point I was super scared he'd see me...but my daddy's the best and hid me behind him :D
Alex & Susana (his mommy)

I asked the photographer to place take a picture of his face as I walked down, that it was extremely important to me. Alex says he could barely breath. <3

My daddy giving me away. I love that they captured these expressions.
The way he looked at me, breathtaking.

Our mommies lighting up the communion candles

A visual of our union

Thats his daddy that married us!! He was the best!
The reason why we're laughing here is cause Alex thought his dad was going to say, "You may now kiss the bride" but instead he said, "lets pray"...Alex's reaction was priceless, PRAY?! lol we were dying to share that kiss.

Yay, finally!
Our fairytale came true.


  1. Your shoes and dress are just GORGEOUS! I can't get over your wedding!

  2. OMG The pictures of you holding each other are just amazing, priceless even. You do have a reason to love your photographer.
    And you and your love are perfect together.
    Congratulations and my best wishes for your lifelasting love!!!

  3. wow, i love everything about your wedding! i love his face when he saw you! so adorable!!

  4. I can't believe I asked in my email if you speak Spanish.
    Of course you do!!
    Listen to your cute accent.
    Puedo hablar contigo for practice!

    And you say I'M cute!
    Look at you and Alex up there (the happiness on your faces make you both all the more lovely!).
    I adore that dress and LOVE the idea of a teal accent color - how beautiful!

    <3 Grace.

  5. OMFG - You are GORGEOUS and so are those photos! I am HIGHLY jealous.

  6. holy moly! it really is unbelievable how beautiful you are, your family is .. just everything. speechless, yet again! just, wow!

  7. WOWEEE, oooh and awwwwww!!!
    These pictures just keep getting better and better!
    Your photographer(s) certainly knew what he/she/they(?) were doing, they captured some truly stunning moments here...
    You two look super cute together giggling on the alter!!!
    that last picture is dazzling it really does look like a fairy tale!!!

  8. Blueee shoes!! So very sex and the city! Love the dress!

  9. You had the most amazing wedding! I am so happy for you!

  10. Your wedding was so BEAUTIFUL!!!! I'm so glad I was able to be a part of it. I love you!

  11. Ahhh the most gorgeous wedding ever!!!
    You guys are so perfect together <3
    And I loved that your hubby wore white converse :]

  12. OMG, that last shot is absolutely incredible!

  13. wow you look so pretty i love all the decor its so unique and pretty

  14. oh wow!beautiful wedding!beautiful bride!
    your hubby and daddy kinda look alike?
    handsome men!