Monday, December 14, 2009

"I love Me" Award

I felt really honored when I receieved this award from Caitlin from The August One. It's kind of ironic to receive this but thank you! You guys have to go check out Caitlin's blog, she is a very beautiful, funny, intelligent, fashionable sweetheart!

So with this award I must list 10 things I love about myself. Anyone who knows me, knows this is a toughy for me, but here it goes...

1. I love that I'm a kid at heart.
2. I love that I still gasp at a shooting star.
3. I love how I can see past someone's smile and into their heart.
4. I love that I was able to gain wild deers trust and have them eating out of my hand and following me around. (does this count)
5. I love that I can relate to people, from little kids to old age.
6. I love that I'm approachable. Always wanted people to know I am here for them.
7. I love that I can keep secrets & gain others trust.
8. I love that I can bake :D
9. I love that my ears are teeny
10. I love my beauty mark that is shaped like a heart.

I present this award to:


  1. i love that you're approachable and trustworthy too. a good quality to have in a friend :).

    thanks for the award friend! i got two others over the weekend, so i need to get on these stat.

  2. oh wow, thank you lexie! your list is beautiful and genuinely makes me want to be your friend. you have a deep and kind soul.

    and yes, the deer one totally counts!

    thanks for passing on this award to me!

  3. You awarded me!? Aww thank you!! I love everything on your list about you AND MORE! You're such an amazing friend, I am so blessed to have you in my life.

    Best Friends Forever!!!! YEAH!!! lol

    Does this mean I have to write things I like about myself?... this could take a bit.. lol